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04-16-2009, 11:12 PM
Next mtg: May 21.

-Jenny Creek.

We need to fix the post and cable, throw down as much carsonite as possible, and put plexi glass on the remaining side of the kiosk. Stay The Trail would like to put a few placards on the Kiosk. I told them, as long as it is good by the FS, the club was fine.

Looking at August, to be sure of dry conditions.

-Bunce School

Seasonal closure is in limbo. Not sure if it will happen.
Maps are done and ready for distribution. Should help with idiots driving off trail.
Plane crash site needs FS approval for interpretive signage at the end of the road to prevent user created extensions.

-LHC Clean up= May 9th

Published and ready.
Lunch will be served.
Possible need for funding this year. FS covers half of 400 dollar dumpster bill. Clubs may need to chip in. Looking like 25 to 50 dollars. Would RS be willing to chip in on this?

Buck and Rail fence repair possible too.

Castle Gulch Problems

I realize that folks here don't wheel LHC that much, but if you are, and see people traveling down 287 or 287A, PLEASE inform them that those routes are for FS use ONLY.

John, a homeowner at the end of castle gulch showed up tonight. He was a great guy, and wants to work with the clubs and FS to keep his property from getting torn up. Very understanding, and he had a very legitimate case. He lives at the end of 287, and has had a lot of increased traffic since the carnage closure. Most people are just lost, and very polite. However, he has had a few morons ripping up his land. The FS will be gating and signing as soon as they can, but if we could be responsible users, and help John out, I know it would go a long way to making our groups look REALLY good.

His issue really irked me, actually. I hate that we fight not only the ultra anti-use groups, but our own darn kind. This kind of blatant disrespect really fires me up.

Back to the report.

-The Ice Spider trail is nearing completion. Its waiting on 60 feet of post and cable, plus winch anchors.

-MSV/Coney to open on the 14th of June.

LHC motorized single track is being expanded and signed-> Various motorcycle groups are taking care of this

-No new updates on Rollins Pass historical signage.

-Mike Paris is working with both private owners and FS to conduct "wheeling 101" classes.

-Kelly Flats has work days on the 16th and 17th of May.

-The Canyon Lakes MVUM is in review.

Thats it.

Thanks for reading!

Uncle Ben
04-16-2009, 11:33 PM
Thank you Isaac! Can we create some signs to help folks find the correct route to the James Canyon road? There is really only one "Y" on the way down that the left fork needs to be taken or you end up in that guys driveway. The other off shoots are either closed now or clearly not traveled much. I talked to Jacob at Boulder Toyota the other day and the only route he knows down Castle Gulch is through that guys driveway. I told him of the correct route and he thought that spur was the one that takes you back to Left Hand area and has the nasty off camber. I think he now understands the correct route but he is just one of hundreds that have no clue. A simple sign like "this way out" would solve many issues!

It's sad at Castle is now being used by more than a few folks. It has a lot of sensitive private property issues that will end up in complete closure! Maybe if we could get Colo4x4.org to shut down we could save Left Hand from doom via idiots....:rant:

04-17-2009, 12:23 AM
i'd like ot ditto uncle ben....

thank you sooooo freakin much for taking on a thankless job!!! land use is sooo freaking underappreciated (bill).

i've often been known to refer to them as colorado4xfag for a reason....i don't see many responsible wheelers hanging out there...hopefully, they will see the light.

if there are any suggestions to pass onto the state association that would help the situation, please let me know.

04-17-2009, 08:14 AM
Thanks guys, but Bill deserves far more thanks than I.

UB, unfortunately the issue lies in the fact that the Y sits of FS land. The land owners are more than willing to work with us, and to fund part of a gate, as well as provide labor, but you can't just throw up a gate on FS land. Private land starts very quickly thereafter, but the issue is: Can people see the gate from the Y, and if not, can they turn around without damage if they cannot see the gate.

There is a FS gate in the works, but it is "in the works". Not going to happen soon.

04-17-2009, 09:16 AM
Thanks guys, but Bill deserves far more thanks than I.

Meh. Others did most of the work.

There is a FS gate in the works, but it is "in the works". Not going to happen soon.
Yep, you are getting the disease. Carrying on a conversation via email with a member of the Quiet Use Coalition right now. He sees me as one of 'them' and is incredibly condescending and self righteous (though I will spot him this, he is at least staying in the conversation), 'they' see me as an idiot for even trying to build bridges.

Can't win fer losin'. Aw heck it all pays the same. :hill:
Great report, much better than I ever did!