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04-26-2009, 05:31 PM
Below is access info from the Utah VHF Society for one of the two VHF (2 meter) repeaters in Moab.
http://www.ussc.com/~uvhfs/rptr.html .

When it comes to programming this into a HAM radio, which is the first frequency and which is the second frequency?

The Moab UHF (70 cm) repeater is marked closed. Does this mean we may not have access to 70 cm in Moab?

Yaesu FT-1802
Yaesu FT-60 with UHF antenna

146.90 MHz K7QEQ Repeater
Repeater Access Information
Output Frequency: 146.90 MHz
Input Frequency: 146.30 MHz
Offset: -600 kHz
Open/Closed: Open
CTCSS: 88.5 Hz
Location: Moab
Site: Moab
Repeater Callsign: K7QEQ

04-26-2009, 05:37 PM
dial up 146.90 in your VFO, set the PL to 88.5hz, and your repeater shift to ARS (auto repeater shift) and then save it to memory.

Unless there is an odd-split on the repeater (other than 600hz [.600 Mhz]), you really don't need to worry about the input frequency because modern radios are preset with the band plan and automatically set the input freq, for you.

EDIT: sorry, PL and CTCSS are the same thing. Motorola copyrighted PL (private line) for this sub-audible tone system.

04-26-2009, 05:39 PM
It is common for 440 repeaters to be closed. They are club or association repeaters so you join, pay dues, and get the access code.

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04-26-2009, 07:59 PM
Found on the Grand Mesa Repeater Association web site (http://www.gmra.org/repeaters.html) which owns the Moab 440 repeater:
Even though our system is open to all licensed amateurs, we highly encourage everyone who uses the system on a regular basis to become members of GMRA. Members dues help curtail the costs of maintenance and upgrades.449.100 Mhz 107.2 Hz located on Bald Mesa at 8,500' AMSL near Moab, Utah.
This repeater is the emergeny services backup system when hams support search and resuce and other public safety mutual aid situations. It is linked to the Cactus Net which covers the dez of Utah and Colorado so your QSO will be all over the map. ;)

If you set your CTCSS(PL) to 107.2 Hz you should be able to access the repeater. I would suggest listening to it for a few hours to see what kind of traffic goes on there.