View Full Version : 74 4 speed tranny needed

Rogue Leader
05-02-2009, 01:29 PM
So after taking parts from the transmission than nakman had and using the old parts from mine I was able to rebuild my tranny. upon insertion of the entire assembly into the car and spending a week getting it to run, when i tried to back out of my garage the cruiser promptly ran into the front of my garage leaving a nice dent in the drywall. I had to leave it for a month but my brother took the tranny hump off and pulled the top cover to see whats up. the transmission is stuck in fourth gear. so i need to pull it and seperate the syncros that got jammed together but i leave again for college in 10 days. What I need is a useable tranny to slap in there so the truck can move until I get mine fixed.