View Full Version : 80 Series ***Rubber*** Caster Bushings (New)

05-04-2009, 06:59 PM
***SOLD to Landtank, king of 80 series caster correction :D***

I have a set of 80 series brand new rubber (yes, that is right, rubber, not poly) three degree caster correction bushings that I bought out of Oz. So you get the caster correction but retain rubber bushings for flex.

They were advertised as 2*, which is what I needed as I am messing with pinion angle alignment not max caster correction, but are identical to the Slee blue bushings in correction so I am not going to use them. I have a set of Slee blues on hand, so I know they are identical by putting a bolt through both at the same time.

$120 includes the ride.