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05-05-2009, 01:53 AM
Paria Closure Protest Ride - 5/9/09 @ 9am

The BLM is beginning the closure of the roads on the
Grand Escalante Monument.
The plan is to meet at the old Stampin' Up
building by Johnson Canyon
at 9:00 am and drive out from there. You can also
meet at the turn off on Hwy 89 to the town site.
Bring your 4x4, Jeeps, 4 wheelers, and Rhinos ready to ride
the Paria Canyon Road.

The BLM intends to enforce the closure of the Paria River Road
(one of the oldest public highways in Kane County)
few days. The road is being closed due to environmental
organizations filing a petition to close the road because it is
closed in the monument plan. Please make an effort to be included
in the Paria Closure Protest Ride as we are stronger in unison.

Please bring lots of signs, water, lunch, and video cameras.

A petition is also being circulated. For more info regarding the
petition or the ride please contact Shawna Cox, (435) 899-0300

05-07-2009, 12:08 PM
word from greg mumm and kurt williams (cruiser outfitters) is that there is a great chance that EMAILS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! please write your thoughts down and send em off!!!

05-07-2009, 12:13 PM
for some f'd up reason, i can't copy/paste the online petition info, but the address (hopefully i copy this over correctly) is http://www.petitiononline.com/paria/petition.html

you can hardcopy print a petition from http://www.atvutah.com/cgi-bin/yabb2...num=1241392927 and mail that to
shawna cox
1969 s hwy 89a
kanab ut 84741

i can't test the links right now..none of them work from work thanks to websense:rant:

05-07-2009, 10:10 PM
done! So few roads out there anyway. We need to keep the existing ones open.

05-10-2009, 03:29 PM
Artical (http://www.sltrib.com/ci_12334760?source=most_viewed)on event. Sounds like a lot of folks showed up.

And I copy'd this from Expedition Utah:

A short report.
The event was very well attended. I estimated 600 in the crowd at Stampin' Up. There were are lot of others that met at the Paria turnoff or came in from the north through Sheep Creek. Well possible that we made the 1000 goal. Chad Booth and Chris Brimhall were there for AYL. The Tribune was there in force along with the local paper. The St. George TV station was filming along with someone I'm not sure of, possibly KUED but not friendly for sure.

At the meeting at Stampin' Up. Mike Noel was there along with Mark Habbeshaw. We had some entertainment when Noel got into it with Mark Havnes of the Trib. Mark Habbeshaw refuses to do any interview with the Trib now due to their extreme bias in their stories.

We moved over to Paria for the ride. We divided up into groups of ten or less and spaced the groups out so their was no congestion. We were greeted going past the old townsite towards to trail to be closed by Larry Crutchfield of the GSENM (good guy). When we got to the first river crossing. We were met by four Kane Co. Sheriff duputies and four BLM rangers they brought in.
The BLM rangers stopped everyone and said "The road is closed, have a good day." A note on this is that BLM employees are not allowed to tell anyone that any of the monument roads are open unless they are on the travel plan. The word from the BLM before the ride was that they were not going to attempt to stop the ride and would not cite anyone as long as they were on the trail and not doing anything illegal. They also had a plane in the air flying over.

The big "counter protest" consisted of between the local group and the SUWAites brought down was 20 at most. They were packed together on the other side of the river and confined themselves to taking pictures of everyone as they crossed the river.

The ride itself was beautiful. Even with the large crowd it was in no way crowded. Much less traffic than a typical weekend in American Fork Canyon.
The whole route I saw one piece of trash which was an old beer can which I picked up. There are multiple tracks in some places, but this is all river bed and tracks are continually erased with floods and wind. I would guess that a photo taken today would look no different than one taken on Friday.

This may have been my last trip on this beautful trail. If it is ever reopened depends entirely on the County being able to reclaim it's roads in court.

I'm off to Las Vegas, will be back Tuesday.