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05-06-2009, 04:44 PM
Do not know if any one want to get into Wind surfing and want to start with some bigger boards and such.
We have for sale as a package Two boards and equipment

Aprox 10' 3" Bic Sport (german) 1990 cm
Aprox 12' 10" Mistral equip board
Both light with top line materials for 10-12 YO boards
2 aluminum 1 piece masts
1 carbon fibre mast never been used, 2 piece
1 fibreglass mast 2 piece
3 or 4 fins
6 different sails
Bic 640 Boom, 2.1, luff 5.05
North sail Boom 1.6 luff 4.3
Mistral 6.8 Boom 2.15 luff 4.95
Hyfly easy fun 5.5 Boom 1.75, luff 4.65
Gaastr sail Power foil 5.0 Boom 1.75, luff 4.45-4.65
UK sail that is 2 piece, could not find size but larger than the rest.

2 big Booms, 2 little booms.
Misc stuff to go along with
All in good shape, stored out of the weather and sun, not into the sport and thought we would get rid of the stuff.
600.00 or best offer
Good memories, but are not into it any more.

Thought I would give rising sun guys a first chance at the equipment then post on CL next week.
Thanks for looking

Air Randy
05-07-2009, 09:00 AM
Could you rig one of those things up to an FJ40 as an alternate means of locomotion when the ol' 1F craps out? :D