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05-18-2009, 12:13 AM
I would like to put a bikini top on my 40 with a family cage. I have seen some in the past that are made from Sunbrella (I think), and had panels that could be rolled open for viewing and additional sun.

I searched on Mud and googled but did not find what i was looking for. Can anyone recommend a bikini top?:thumb:

Uncle Ben
05-18-2009, 01:09 AM
I can see you in this one.....


05-18-2009, 01:51 AM
Hmmm....Uncle Ben might have just the ticket :D

However, it sounds like you might actually be looking for something like the SOR Family Summer Top (http://www.sor.com/sor/cat272b.tam?xax=7204) (second top down on the pg).

Picture of our own Mike Moore sporting/modeling the top for SOR :thumb: - link (http://www.sor.com/sor/partpict.tam?xax=23435&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&itemnum%2Ectx=272%2D35&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&itempict%2Ectx=%2E%2E%2Fshared%2Fimage%2F272%2D35%5Fi6%2Dbig%2Ejpg&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&itemnumdesc%2Ectx=S%2DO%2DR%20Family%20Summer%20Top%AE&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&page%23%2Ectx=272&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&catpage%2Ectx=cat272b%2Etam%23272%2D35&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&itemnumtext%2Ectx=S%2DO%2DR%92s%20Family%20Summer%20Top%AE%20is%20the%20perfect%20top%20for%20those%20FJ40%20owners%20who%20have%20installed%20a%20rear%20family%20cage%2E%20The%20S%2DO%2DR%20Family%20Summer%20Top%AE%20is%20a%20full%20%20length%20top%20which%20measures%2075%20inches%20in%20length%2E%20Designed%20to%20cover%20the%20complete%20interior%2E%20S%2DO%2DR%20Family%20Summer%20Top%AE%20features%20two%20easy%20to%20open%20mesh%20sun%20roof%20vent%20windows%20which%20allow%20for%20flow%20thru%20ventilation%2E%20These%20vent%20windows%20also%20prevents%20your%20top%20from%20bubbling%20up%20when%20you%92re%20driving%20down%20the%20highway%2E%20Black%20mesh%20window%20is%20made%20with%20UV%20resistant%20screened%20material%20to%20filter%20sunlight%2E%20Superloc%20strap%20buckles%20hold%20vent%20flaps%20secure%20when%20in%20the%20open%20or%20closed%20position%2E&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&pagetitle1%2Ectx=Page%20272&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&pagetitle2%2Ectx=Bikini%20%26%20Summer%20Tops&pagenumber%2Eptx=1&descriptionpg%2Ectx=Page%20272%20Bikini%20%26%20Summer%20Tops)

Looks like they have gotten crazy expensive :eek:

Not positive, but I might have one hiding in the basement that you could look at before buying one to make sure that is what you want. Like most of my stuff, it is aging like a fine wine :o

05-18-2009, 08:06 AM
Thanks Jeff. UB, that one is also perfect as I already have that skirt.:rolleyes:

05-18-2009, 08:35 AM
If you have OEM soft top bows, you can have one like the :cool: kids have:


Uncle Ben
05-18-2009, 09:46 AM
Thanks Jeff. UB, that one is also perfect as I already have that skirt.:rolleyes:


05-18-2009, 10:34 AM
Jeff, do a little research and make sure that rolled up section doesn't fly free at speed. I can't see it holding up to highway speeds, and rolling it up and down would be a pain to me. Just another .02

As for me I have a Specialty Top Co. top, I think they are now debunked though. Great fit and works well, it has held up for 5 summers straight now with no issues.


05-19-2009, 06:18 PM
I have the sor family top linked above on my 40 with a family cage and it has worked great but you can tell it is not happy at 80mph on the highway