View Full Version : 8-piece Craftsman Full Polish Cross Force Combo Wrench set $40 (standard or metric)

05-20-2009, 09:20 AM
Sears (http://slickdeals.net/?pno=20947&lno=1&afsrc=1) has 8-piece Craftsman Full Polish Cross Force Combination Wrench set, Standard (http://slickdeals.net/?pno=20947&lno=2&afsrc=1) or Metric (http://slickdeals.net/?pno=20947&lno=3&afsrc=1) for $40 each. Choose in-store pickup to save on shipping, otherwise it's $7.50.

If ordering more than one, use coupon code SDEALS817 for $5 off $50.
If you are a Craftsman Club member (http://slickdeals.net/?pno=20947&lno=4&afsrc=1) (free to join, but you will have to wait ~2 weeks to reiceve your club card with the number to qualify for discount), make sure you enter your number in your Sears Account (My Information section (http://slickdeals.net/?pno=20947&lno=5&afsrc=1)) receive an additional discount making them $26.50 each, or both for $48 using the above $5 off $50 coupon

This is a helluva deal!!!!!

05-20-2009, 09:42 AM
That is a pretty nice deal for a set of combo wrenches. It always seems that if you need more than one Craftsman that the kits are better deals. One socket = $8, a set of 10 is $45 or whatever. As a result I have three 14mm combo wrenches! :doh:

FWIW, anyone considering them might swing by a Sears first and try them, I personally did not care for the twist in them and actually took them back and swapped for traditional polished ones. The twist is supposed to make it easier on the palms of your hands, but it put my knuckles into prime bashing position, too. YMMV.