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05-22-2009, 01:03 AM
We've recently been receiving requests concerning advertising on the Rising Sun forum. I'm going to post our current guidelines for advertising on our forum.

1. Club members may post a banner ad for free. This ad is limited to your own business or web site. You cannot resell this ad space.

2. Businesses that support Rising Sun by donating items to our raffles (Cruise Moab, Rising Sun Rally, Rising Sun meetings, etc.) will be offered free ads as a way of saying thanks. The ads are a courtesy, and it's up to you to supply the banner ad. Guidelines are below.

3. Causes that we support, such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Tread Lightly, etc. may ask about free ad space. We're almost always glad to do this.

4. Businesses may advertise on our forum for an annual cost of $150. Your business should be relevant to our members, and we reserve the right to refuse any business and/or ads for any reason. If you're interested, email us at webmaster@risingsun4x4club.org.

5. If you do have an ad, you're welcome to register for our forum and create a thread in the Vendor Market Place section about your products and services. You can even post photos. We can then link your banner ad to the thread or directly to your web site. The good thing is that people can ask you questions directly in your thread and you can answer them so that other people can see what you have to say. Be sure to introduce yourself as a new banner ad sponsor, so the group knows that you're a supporter.

6. This isn't a guideline, but it's a good thing to know: our members respond really well to special exclusive offers just for us. If you post up a great deal in the Vendor Market Place section, you'll gain some loyalty, credibility, and it's likely that someone here will actually buy your product/service. We'll probably post up all the details soon after buying, so if your product/service is really good, you'll get some immediate love. If not, well, prepare yourself for the onslaught. :rolleyes:

7. FYI: we're not looking for more site traffic or "terrific revenue opportunities." We're a small Colorado Toyota 4x4 club. We welcome newcomers, but we're not trying to turn our hobby into a business.

Our members are genuinely interested in businesses that offer products/services that fit in with our hobbies much more so than the ad revenue. If you're selling something that only a small segment of the population is interested in, like winch rope or off-road lights, then our web site would be a natural fit. If you're selling something that virtually everyone needs, like home insurance, we're just not interested.

8. We will not host a landing page or any other files for you, but we're glad to link your ad to a landing page on your own web site. As mentioned above, you're welcome to participate in our online forums.

9. One ad per year. If you wish to swap in new artwork during the year, we will ask for an additional $50 per occurrence.


Banner ad size is 468 x 60 pixels, horizontal.
Animated gifs are OK (as long as it's not too obnoxious).
No flash.
We'd prefer your file size to be as small as possible. 50 KB is the absolute maximum.
It's your responsibility to supply the ad. We cannot create one for you.

05-22-2009, 01:09 AM
Here are some sample ads.