View Full Version : P/U Frame & Engine Interchange Questions...

05-22-2009, 08:19 PM
Hi All,

I'm a long time Honda mechanic(retired), but have never owned a Toyota in my life. I've recently gotten the bug to turn an older Toy. p/u into an even handier utility vehicle by adding a flat/stake bed to one. My first thought was a 2WD, but realized why not 4WD.

I found a low mileage '88 22RE/5spd. to look at, only to get a quick education on frame rust problems. The truck is from the north or northeast, I can't say as i've ever seen a frame on anything this bad. One rail is literally broken in two! I'm surprised, but I guess that you guys have seen this before.

Now to get back to my questions. Obviously, with enough talent and effort most any combination can be fabricated, but i'm looking for a relatively simple project.

I don't know a simple way to ask a complicated question, but here goes. What years of frames are interchangeable and as far as engine mounts what engines are interchangeable?

I do know that pre-'86 has a solid front axle and post-'85 an independent set-up. I makes sense that the solid axle would be better for off-road. Yet, like most, the majority of my use would be highway, so i'm open to either. Also, I assume that the frame of an X-tra cab is longer (as is the wheelbase) than a std. cab. Since I intend on building a flat bed for it, other than the wheelbase it wouldn't matter.

Can anyone give me some input on my proposed project?

Thanks, Kevsky