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Evrgrnmtnman 11-12-2005 10:23 AM

Verification of this statement.....
Can anyone help verify this statement:

The 22R turbo EFI was offered as an option through 1988. The 22R EFI was
actually first offered in 1984 and had the older style rounded valve cover.
?????????????????????????? Is this Correct?

I thought the 22RE EFI came out in 1985 and the Turbo's were only available in 1986-87 models!

Red_Chili 11-15-2005 09:51 AM

FAIK, the statement is largely correct. I believe there were limited 22RTEs available in 1988 - very rare, and hard to find today as then. 22REs were an option in 1984, I rather doubt the rounded valve cover but it does make sense. That would make it the older block, not the 'laser' block, and non-interchangeable.

Get this one on 'rare': I have seen with my own eyes driving down the road, a box stock unmodified 22RTE 4Runner with a solid axle. That makes it a 1985, or perhaps some oddball special order 1986 transitional build or something. That would have to be the rarest of the rare and I would completely discount it if I had not seen it with my own eyes and visually validated that the frame WAS a SA frame. IIRC, it was an automatic, as were all the 22RTE 4Runners to my knowledge (which is unreliable). I do not know if it was domestic. I do know I almost went apoplectic and would have offered the man cash on the spot if I could have stopped him.

Seen westbound on Belleview east of Broadway at about 4:30PM, about a year and a half ago. Dark red in color, IIRC.

wesintl 11-15-2005 03:01 PM

There is a guy that has a black (maybe grey one) solid axle factory turbo that lives only a few blocks away. I talked to him at the light near my house a while ago. I see the truck every now an then. I was thinking about asking if he'd sell it but I'd rather blow my $ on cruisers... :eek:

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