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DaveInDenver 05-23-2008 09:58 AM

Spill Kits
Starting a new thread rather than attaching it to the spare parts because it will probably only need a few replies. I don't have a fancy kit like the leaders at CM carry, so what is appropriate and what do you guys carry?

Mine consists mainly of a tarp and some plastic bags that are easily reached.

Romer 05-23-2008 10:19 AM

Why don't we borrow some from the trailer?

nakman 05-23-2008 10:34 AM


Originally Posted by Romer (Post 74968)
Why don't we borrow some from the trailer?

That's what I did... the toilet too :o, still have mine from leading on Saturday. Do we all need a spill kit? Ken can you use your executive powers to allow club members to sign out toilets & spill kits? I did discuss this briefly with Neil who of course thought it was ok, but I don't know how many "votes" we need. you've got mine, obviously.

DaveInDenver 05-23-2008 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by nakman (Post 74969)
Do we all need a spill kit?

That's why I asked, I thought each truck needed to have a spill kit, first aid, fire extinguisher, toilet, Hi-Lift. I have this stuff except a fancy spill kit.

Shark Bait 05-23-2008 10:53 AM

We have the Small Auto Kit from Blue Devil Products for CM. It retails for $38.95. I would think "borrowing" one would be OK, with the stipulation that if you use it you replace it.


(FYI - The Blue Devil site only supports IE. No Mozilla.)

Uncle Ben 05-23-2008 11:08 AM

I still have the unused large double spill kit. I will definitely be bringing that! Don't thing everyone needs one but like Chris suggested we might be able to borrow kits from the club and replace the ones used.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't read very far up the thread. :rolleyes: I will check the forum a few times today but I will not have much time to "dwell" here today or this weekend.

Shark Bait 05-23-2008 11:12 AM

I have a personal kit I can bring. :D

Romer 05-23-2008 12:03 PM

I approve use of club loaners on the condition we use it we replace it. I don't think more votes are required as we are not breaking the $75 thershold. We are taking club banners as well.

Who can go to where ever the trailer is and get some. I think Kim Brown has it.

nakman 05-23-2008 12:16 PM

Well ok, great. But if not every truck needs one, and we already have 3, do we really need to worry about it? 3 is enough for the group, if you ask me (since you're probably going to ask me to drive to Pine... )


Romer 05-23-2008 12:21 PM

I am thinking 4 total, maybe 5. Thats all I asked for.

Thanks for volunteering :D

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