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bigcity25 10-31-2012 02:18 PM

Need some guidance on my 40
Well I thought I would throw this out to get some guidance from you cats. I am planning on switching to a 4 speed in my 40. I have all the necessary parts needed to make the switch. But I am hesitant on pulling the trigger. My 40 is my daily driver and want to make sure this is a weekend project. My "new" transmission hasn't been used for a while. I bought it from a guy here on the forum. He had the same intention until a h55f came his way. Now I totally trust him and know he wouldn't sell me a paper weight. But I don't want to do this and find out after it's installed that it's no good. I'll be mating it to my current 3 speed transfer case. And I have the right bell housing, 4 speed drive shafts, "adapter" gear for inside the t-case, pinion flanges, bearings and seals. I don't have a welder for the current 4wd hi lo shift rod to extend. My garage is pretty small so maybe I need to wait for spring. And I don't have the time/experience under my belt to make sure this is all done correctly. The amaco by my firehouse said they could look at the tranny for free and tell what would need replaced. But that would basically be a visual inspection by tearing it apart. And then reseal it if nothing needs fixed. But the true test wouldn't be until it's married to a engine. Maybe this seems like a babble but I can't figure why I am so gun shy here. And worst case scenario I can ride my bike or RTD to work, it's only 7 miles away. Any thoughts or lessons learned from previous swaps? Or is there any shop recommendations I can take all this stuff to and have them do it? Thanks guys any info is always welcomed. Maybe I just need a little confidence building here.

Corbet 10-31-2012 04:49 PM

I would not worry too much about the trans condition as long as it did not spend time behind a V8 in its past.

Slee Offroad or Redline could do the work for you if you decide against tackling it yourself.

corsair23 10-31-2012 04:59 PM

Having the FJ40 as your DD certainly complicates matters...Do you have access to another vehicle just in case? Or maybe a cheap rental for a week from Enterprise.

My suggestion, get in touch with Ricardo and Randy and see if you can talk them into helping out and doing the work at Randy's place. Randy has a lift and both have experience with transmission swaps I believe. I think between you guys it could easily be done over a weekend, maybe even in one day. You might need to bring a tent and camp out over night at Randy's place though if the work carries over to the next day since you won't have a rig to get home in :hill:

A suggestion or idea...Since you have the 4 speed out maybe it would be worth it to just do a rebuild first? That way you know going in that it is 100% fresh and ready to go and with it already being out of the truck, a lot easier :) - rebuild it this winter and then come spring and warmer weather, slap that bugger in.

Air Randy 10-31-2012 05:09 PM

Be sure and review everything with Ricardo. He already did the 3 to 4 spd conversion on his so he knows exactly what needs to be done and what parts are needed, etc. Plus, he has a new welder and he is chomping at the bit to do things like lengthen the shifter rod :D

This should definitely be a long day or easy weekend job using the hoist & tranny jack. No need for a tent, we have a really big dog house and 2 friendly german shepherds that will share their bed with you :D

nuclearlemon 10-31-2012 05:34 PM

Keep in mind three speed shaft will be too long and four speed shafts may not bolt up.

RicardoJM 10-31-2012 05:48 PM

Jeff and I have been in touch/discussions - fact is it may have been my suggestion that he make the move to a 4 speed:D.

I can really empathize with concern about running into issues with a daily driver and then having to get around by bike/bus. Ok - I can't really empathize because I have another vehicle, but I do undestand the concern. Fact is most of the FJ40 owners I know have at one time or another have run into unforseen issues with what otherwise would have been straight forward things that result in an exteneded "down time". Perhaps having a rental lined up just in case would be a good thing to ease the concerns and pull the trigger.

The work is pretty straight forward but there is a bunch to it, however it should fit into a weekend. Having access to the shop takes weather concerns out of the picture. Let's line up a weekend that works and git-er-done. :thumb:

bigcity25 10-31-2012 08:00 PM

Well I certainly appreciate the advice. The 4 speed came off of a 60 so it will be back at home on a 2f again. And I got all the pinion flanges and 4 speed drive shafts. And in all reality my wife's car can be used if this really goes to hell on the swap. Ricardo maybe we can meet up and go through all my parts to make sure I am not missing anything. And Randy I am no stranger to being in the doghouse. Also my neighbor is a beer and wine rep. so I'll definitely fill your fridge with a quality beverage of your choice. Thanks guys.

RicardoJM 10-31-2012 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by bigcity25 (Post 221261)
... The 4 speed came off of a 60 ...Ricardo maybe we can meet up and go through all my parts to make sure I am not missing anything. ...

We should get together and take a look at the parts. I believe 60 series 4 speed transmissions have different output spline count which require a split transfer case, i.e. won't connect to your existing t-case and don't have a parking brake. :eek:

bigcity25 10-31-2012 09:32 PM

I do have the "mating" gear for the tcase with the splines for the 4 speed. And a spacer for the pto gear inside the tcase as well.

nattybumppo 11-01-2012 12:46 AM

Check your dimensions. The 4 speed tranny from a 60 may be longer than the one for a 40. Even if you were to remove the approximately 3-inch extension the 60 series one has built onto it, I think there is still a small difference in the transmission case lengths. I say this because I have two 4 speed trannys in my garage, one from a 40 and one from a 60. Point being, get under your truck with a tape measure and carefully take measurements to compare to the 60 series tranny you intend to put in. Of course, since you are actually replacing a 3-speed, maybe my observations don't apply to you. Still, a careful taping wouldn't hurt just to be sure!

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