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Beater 02-17-2012 09:04 AM

getting smaller? a feeler
title was done strictly for uncle ben.

ok - so life is changing yet again, and I am thinking that I may need to make a mod or two to the t100. I've not really done much to this truck, but I think it may be a bit much for my current direction. It's becoming much more of a hauler, and less of a weekend get away truck. I am thinking of taking the truck back to "stock"


I am thinking of removing the alcan extra leaf in the rear, and trading out the tires for stock or 31's.

The aclan's are great, and while they have a couple of years on them, they have less than 4k miles on them. Those that know me know I have way too many methods of transportation, and use them all lol. They should fit all mid to hi-lux, and first gen tundra. They give about 1.5" of lift and add some ridiculous amount of extra weight. Ride is firm, yet almost supple when loaded. My offer is that they may even be free if you come help remove them.

I also have an unused set of ball joint spacers for t100, 4runner and highlux. 50.00 and they're yours.

I also need to trade or let go my bfg at's. Again, maybe 4-5k mileage on them, and yes I will post pics. Some trail wear, but still very good. come with certs from discount. 32x11.5x15. looking for AT in 235 or 31.

Those who know me know my stuff is usually in great shape, so if you don't know me, don't embarrass yourself by offering me crap tires and or crap tires and cash. I don't need the cash to pick up tires.. :)

pm for pics and or interest.


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