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corsair23 01-28-2008 01:00 PM

Oil changing 101...
Ok, this isn't a real hi-tech question or anything...

When changing the oil and filter on your 80s (or other rigs with similar oil filter location/orientation), do you folks do anything special to avoid the inevitable oil spill coming from the filter when it is removed?

I've tried waiting quite awhile to take the filter off (hoping most of the oil will drain out which is probably futile right?)...I've tried cramming a ton of shop towells directly under the filter...I've tried slowly removing the filter...

The end result is always the same. A fair amount of oil spilling down the side of the engine and onto everything down below. I've started putting those puppy training pads below the area to soak up most of the oil (they work great btw) but I still spend a fair amount of time wiping everything else down.

So, any tips/tricks or is it just inevitable that I'm going to spill oil all over even if I'm quick to get the filter pointed up fairly quick after removal?

nuclearlemon 01-28-2008 01:05 PM

I put a large drip pan underneath and try to hold an absorbent matt under the filter as i quickly spin it off.

treerootCO 01-28-2008 01:07 PM

Get the vehicle up to operational temperature. This works best if you exit off the highway and immediately pull the filter. The oil is so hot that you become much quicker at removing the filter. :p:

MDH33 01-28-2008 01:08 PM

Puncture the top to allow air in. The filter should drain of most of it's oil.

Red_Chili 01-28-2008 01:22 PM

Most of the dealers do just that.

Point to ponder however: make sure you can loosen the filter first! Just make sure it will turn a fraction of a turn, no need to make it leak first.

corsair23 01-28-2008 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by MDH33 (Post 59968)
Puncture the top to allow air in. The filter should drain of most of it's oil.

Really? I'll try that. I've actually had filters on so tight that the only way to get one off was to drive a screwdriver clean through for leverage to get it off. Now THAT makes a mell of a hess :o

I'll add to this putting absorbent matt directly under the filter like Ige suggested as well and see what happens :thumb:.

Good point Bill on insuring the filter is going to come off for sure first :) - like insuring you can get the fill plug on a diff off before pulling the drain plug :D

Now, Root's suggestion...well, um :hill:

milehighroller 01-29-2008 12:03 PM


I take a King Soopers bag and put it around the filter after I have it loosened. The bag will catch any spillage. I have past experience on this technique in changing the oil in my Passat.


Tch2fly 01-29-2008 12:43 PM

My solution ....

Raceway Lube at Univ/Dry Creek :lmao:

I don't mind doing a Birf repack but I do not change my own oil ;)

The mess, taking the oil for recycling ..... I'd rather read TT while somebody else does it:thumb:

nakman 01-29-2008 01:32 PM

My solution is just get over it and spend the few minutes wiping down the side of the engine and axle.. it's only twice a year and those parts could use the rust proofing anyway... stand on the tire to get way up in there, then spin that sucker off as fast as you can and then tip it upright.

subzali 01-29-2008 01:55 PM

So is this 80 series tech? :hill: :bolt:

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