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Shark Bait 05-28-2008 11:34 PM

Motel Monday
Anyone found a motel Monday in Wendover yet? Looks like no availability at the Super8. There is a Days Inn and Salt Flat Inn in UT. And the Rainbow-Peppermill-Montego Bay in NV. All the rates look to be around $60 +/-.

Uncle Ben 05-29-2008 07:42 AM

I have in the past and am considering sleeping in Peppermills parking lot.

Romer 06-05-2008 09:54 PM


So is Wendover our target. I am into Moteling since we will be camping once we hit the trail

Just want to know before I start looking for a place to make a reservation.

Since it looks like people are leaving at different times and going different routes are we going to meet up Monday night and do a group thing into Reno and then Rubithon. I am not planning on hanging out for the plane, but if we get there early afternoon may eat lunch and check out Reno for a couple of hours.

How long does it take to get to Robb's from Reno?

nakman 06-05-2008 10:04 PM

I believe it's about 2 hours from Reno to Robb's, and it's a pretty 2 hours, especially the first hour. Our crew will likely tough it out on Monday night, saving our pennies for the week ahead.. so I'm not going to worry about a Motel.

Romer 06-05-2008 10:06 PM

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Here are a few

I am ok with the cheap one. Thats about $20 a person

two Queen Beds $36 AAA rate

Hulk 06-06-2008 01:25 AM

Ken, I'm in and so is my passenger, Mr. J. Zettl. Are you OK with reserving all the rooms we'll need, or do you want to pick a place and then have each of us call. I ain't got no AAA.

corsair23 06-06-2008 02:30 AM


Originally Posted by Hulk (Post 76274)
I ain't got no AAA.

I do so we're covered Matt :thumb:

BTW, not to hijack but just so I get this mentioned the nice thing about AAA now is it covers ANY vehicle, not just one that a car holder owns. So technically, any vehicle travelling with Matt and I could get service in the case something is needed. AAA came in real handy when the PCM went south on my Dodge Durango. They covered the cost to tow us home from just outside Buena Vista :eek:

Romer 06-06-2008 09:22 AM

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Booked two rooms for the Romer party and the Farr/Zettl Party

They have 13 left. I tried to find a place on the Nevada side, but they are $20-$50 higher

It's $35.99 a night for two people.

Both rooms I requested have two beds so there won't be any snuggling required :D

nakman 06-06-2008 10:40 AM

Dang, under $40? Hey :canada: Kevin, maybe we should just get a room, what you say?

DaveInDenver 06-06-2008 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by nakman (Post 76311)
Dang, under $40? Hey :canada: Kevin, maybe we should just get a room, what you say?

We were going through options and there is a KOA in Wendover. But those tend to be as bad as a Walmart parking lot for noise and light. So we tried to find something better suited, but there's just not much in the way of USFS or BLM land to hide out in for a night. I'm not gonna complain about a bathroom and comfy beds for a night.

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