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bh4rnnr 10-25-2009 01:52 AM

Outlaws Run 2009
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Just a little warm up:headbang:

MDH33 10-25-2009 02:06 PM

What a great trip!!! Huge thanks to Perry and Daniel for putting this together.

:thumb: :beer:

My pics are still uploading, so I'll get some posted up as soon as they're ready.

LXBRADY 10-25-2009 02:40 PM

Helloooooo pictures!!!!!

bh4rnnr 10-25-2009 04:37 PM

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Originally Posted by FJBRADY (Post 123241)
Helloooooo pictures!!!!!

Till Martin post more pictures


MDH33 10-25-2009 07:18 PM

I'll only upload some highlight photos, since I know everyone was taking a lot of really good pics and hopefully they'll post up.


The trip for Perry and Sean started on Saturday as they met at the rendezvous point in the South portion of Dinosaur National Park. Daniel and I hit the road from Denver on Sunday and met up with Perry and Sean on the Northern part of the Park near the Gates of Lodore. Perry and Sean were already liquored up by the time we rolled in and set up camp, so we quickly joined in the revelry. It was already looking to be a great trip as we cracked cold ones along the Green River. The trees were in full color and the weather was perfect.

Our camp the first night and a couple of pics of the river.


The next morning we awoke to sunny skies and made tracks towards Browns Hole, one of Butch Cassidy's hideouts. Other than a few rafters and a couple of hunters, we didn't see anyone, which was the trend as we made our way towards Wyoming. Lots of wide open spaces, amazing scenery and lots of dirt roads to explore. We crossed over the Swinging Bridge as we entered the Hole and were informed by hunters from Indiana that we had better not go that way or else we would scare the elk. Wouldn't want to scare them before they get a bullet through the chest and are eaten.. :rolleyes: The bridge was fun and you could feel it move under the weight of your rig.

Swinging Bridge and Browns Hole.


We passed by Jarvies Outpost along the river and stopped for a quick pit stop and checked out the restored homestead cabins and views. I could live there, what a great location.


After our rest stop we made haste towards Wyoming. We crossed some wide open country headed towards Rock Springs and our second camp. My 40 had been running a little rough, and it was getting progressively worse. I had contacted Kurt from Cruiser Outfitters who would be meeting us in a couple of days and he had some parts we thought would remedy the trouble. But, it's a 40, and it hadn't left me stranded, yet. I was getting about 7 miles per gallon with intermittent backfires, so when the group tore off at 80 mph on the smooth stuff, I puttered along at 45 and took pics along the way. I finally caught up awhile after they stopped for gas in Rock Springs and we refueled, resupplied, and met up with our official Rock Springs guide Wyatt. (Thanks for the tour Wyatt!!)

Between Brown's Hole and Rock Springs.


Once we were set up with more fuel, beer and firewood (what else do you need on a camping expedition?) we headed towards the Killpecker dunes and our next camp. Wyatt was waiting for us near the turnoff and guided us to an excellent campsite in a sheltered canyon not too far from the dunes. I was glad to be at camp because my 40 was not running well at this point. We had a great cookout, drank some suds and chilled by the campfire well into the night. In the morning as we waited for our tents to thaw, we enjoyed breakfast and coffee and the assortment of weaponry the group had brought. No animals were killed, but several oranges met a brutal ending. Thanks for sharing the ammo Wyatt and Sean! (I'm looking for an assault rifle if anyone has a spare ;) ) I hope Daniel posts up some pics. He was shooting both gubs and his slick camera, and it looked like he got some good ones of our target practice session.

Camp near the dunes.


MDH33 10-25-2009 07:48 PM


After plinking, we headed to the White Mountain Petroglyph site, which was a real treat to see. I had never seen Shoshone Indian petroglyphs and they were very different from Fremont, Anasazi and archaic glyphs. There was a lot of sandstone to scramble around on and a cool cave or two to explore.

White Mountain Petroglyphs.


I know, I know... We've been talking about Brown Holes, Killpeckers, and exploring canyons and caves. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Next we headed to the DUNES! The Killpecker Dunes are the largest moving dune system in the USA. We lucked out and it had rained the night before and they were in perfect, untracked condition. This is an official ORV recreation area and we had it all to ourselves. Since my 40 was running like poo that morning, I did a little trail maintenance which included duct tape on the rotor, and the temporary fix let me race around the dunes for a couple of hours with the 40 running fine. It was fun to watch everyone off in the distance playing in the sand. Nothing reduces a bunch of grownups to three year olds playing in the sandbox like towering dunes and Toyotas. I didn't get many pics because I was too busy playing. :D

Killpecker dunes.


From the dunes, we headed out into the Red Desert to find another camp. The area out there is VAST. Nothing but two tracks and rolling hills for as far as the eye can see. I really hope to get back there soon for more exploring. Our buddy Wyatt showed us an area on Steamboat Mtn that was another great camp. It had, unfortunately, been occupied recently before us by a group of careless hunters who left behind loads of trash and animal parts. We cleaned it all up, set up camp, chowed down and had a nice campfire to consume malted beverages around as the snow fell.

Headed out of the dunes across the Red Desert and camp on Steamboat Mtn.


Part III coming soon... :guapo::campfire:

Mendocino 10-25-2009 08:59 PM

This looks awesome; I aspire to making it on this run.

MDH33 10-25-2009 10:27 PM


The next morning we awoke to a nice layer of snow and packed up in the cold. Sean's inverter and coffee pot were the shiz, and Daniel brought a big tin of grounds to keep us in the caffeine. Thanks Sean and Daniel! We headed out into the fog and two tracked it across the Desert. Daniel had some electrical gremlins of his own and had a brief pitstop to try and locate the trouble, which must have been the latte machine, stereo amp, and 12 V blankie all drawing too much power from the same fuse. (he does drive an 80 ;) ). Once we were moving again we crossed some serious open country with many sighting of deer and antelope. The two tracks were faint, but the fog lifted and we enjoyed traversing some badlands as we headed towards Honeycomb Buttes and South Pass City where we were supposed to meet up with Kurt and Scott from Utah.

Red Desert heading towards South Pass and Honeycomb Buttes.


At this point my 40 was really running poor and I was doing all I could to keep it running. Backfiring, missing, stalling. With some great navigating by Perry and Daniel we got back onto the main road headed towards our meet up spot with Kurt and Scott who were waiting for us in South Pass City. (You have to love HAM radio - we were in contact with them for hours before we all finally congregated. ) :thumb: My 40 chugged out and would not re start in the midle of the desert between Oregon/Honeycomb buttes (beautiful spot) and Perry and I hung out and drank beer while Daniel and Sean cruised up to South Pass to find Kurt and Scott. They had the parts I needed, and with a little electrical gremlin exorcism, the 40 was back in business. Thanks again guys! :beer::beer::beer:


While out in that section of desert, we didn't see a single vehicle other than our crew for many many hours. The solitude was grand. We tried a route around the Honeycomb Buttes, but were denied by Wilderness Study area signs that blocked an historic stage coach route heading North that we were trying to follow. The Wilderness Study areas wouldn't be our only blockade, as we also ran into some unfriendly private property owners who were not too cordial about us driving across their land even though the route we were following was clearly designated as a historical trail. After a few detours we were on our way to Atlantic City and the Ghost Town of Miners Delight where our next camp would be.

Honeycomb Buttes and the route towards Miners Delight.


I didn't get any pics from Atlantic City, but it was a very cool tiny, historic town. Everyone in the crew except myself went into "town" to visit the local watering hole. I hung out in camp and kept the camp fire going, ate some chow and relaxed after a long day. I'm sure Perry and Daniel will post up stories about their evening with the local at Miner's Grubstake Saloon. Sounded surreal. ;) I hope Sean can post the video of Steve... "What the F*&^&! ... Awe hell... C'mon in slim!....

Caribou Sandstorm 10-25-2009 10:49 PM

Looks Awesome guys!

MDH33 10-25-2009 10:52 PM

Part IV

After a very Very cold night camping out near AltantiCity, we stopped for breakfast at the Miner's Grubstake (we're now well known in town apparently) and then headed to Miner's Delight to check out the ruins. This and Atlantic CIty are both known stops by the Outlaws that ran stolen cattle in the area back in the day. Calamity Jane was also a resident and was known to have "serviced" the local miners and cowboys. ;)


After leaving Atlantic City and Miner Delight, we headed out again to make our way towards our next camp. We had a lot of ground to cover and did some distance before making camp at an area called Castle Gardens, which is known for it's "shield" petroglyphs which are carved in an area of sandstone out in the middle of a huge expanse of open country. We had a great camp, Scott cooked a huge meal of spaghetti for the crew,(Thanks Scott!!) and we finished the day with plenty of libations around the campfire. :beer::beer:

Castle Gardens.


The next morning we awoke to some frosty tents and clear skies.


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