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rock_wagon 06-10-2009 10:02 PM

Moody Hill / Crystal Mountain 6-7-09
I met up with some friends from work to run up Moody Hill and Crystal Mountain last Sunday. It was looking like rain in town but it was sunny most of the day on the trail. It was a shakedown trip for a Jim's Diesel powered crawler that he has slowly been piecing together over the past couple of years and things went pretty well for the first time out.


The Quarry at the end of Moody hill



Start of Crystal Mountain

Storms over Ft Collins looking east from the summit of crystal mountain


Hulk 06-11-2009 12:40 PM

This looks like a really cool run. We need to organize a group trip!

That Crawler is cool looking -- truly one of a kind!

Jacket 06-11-2009 01:55 PM

Other than the quarry (which can be bypassed), it's a pretty easy trail that just about any truck can negotiate. But the quarry is too much fun to skip!

That buggy looks a bit like an FJC - coincidence?

subzali 06-11-2009 03:27 PM

That was one of my first runs with my 40! UB and Kipper were kind enough to show me the ropes! I made it without needing a strap (just barely) with open diffs, no lift and bald tires! :D

rock_wagon 06-11-2009 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by Jacket (Post 109490)

That buggy looks a bit like an FJC - coincidence?

Your right it does! I had not noticed that, the guy that is building it has always been into jeeps so it is most likely by accident, this vehicle is being built off an old military GMC diesel pickup he got from a surplus sale. Pretty cool and it did pretty well for the first time out of the garage.

flexytoy 06-12-2009 06:38 AM

I was leading the group on the atvs and meet up with you folks on top of crystal mountian. I only talked to a few of you but it was nice meeting the ones that I did. The week before when I had my truck up there we came acossed a rolled xj below the first ledge in the quary. We uprighted it and dragged it to the bottom. Later on I reported it to the forest service. No one was around and keys were still in the ignition.

Crash 06-12-2009 07:31 AM

Looks like a fun day, Will and it is good to see evidence of you out on the trail. Like Subzali, This run was one of my first with Rising Sun folk and a long day to remember. Mike Aaron (Uglibus - his original 55) and Uncle Ben gave all of us some great foto ops at the quarry and the trail was scenic with some fun challenges due to snow. Thanks for the pics!

Beater 06-12-2009 07:55 AM

they used to call those trucks cucv's I think.. I had one a blazer as my personal vehicle in korea... I took that thing places no full size truck should go.. (all without a turbo!) pretty solid, but heavy chassis iirc. factory 14 and 12 bolts with locker and lsd from the get go. Good platform for a truggy/buggy like your friend has done. Looks real fun..

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