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wesintl 08-16-2009 07:45 PM

Triple Bypass 2009
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What a great run. It's always the highlight of my summer wheelin wise.

I left denver at 5:30 ish and rolled into camp at maybe 9:30. It was a nice drive down and the new 4 core rad in the bj kept cool the whole ride and motored up the passes without getting hot. I had just enough time to set up my tent and have a beer or two with Ige, jethro and Jethro's sister and daughter before the rain had us Turn in for the night.

The next morning was chilly and it rained most of the night. Like clock work on a Miller run we left at 8. Clouds started to break on the way up Italian creek and we decided to take the bypass instead of the shelf road. Before the shelf road Terry spotted 7 or so really nice buck muleys. We're going to keep exactly where a secret ;) It was actually a nice side trip since I'd never been on that part of the trail. We stopped for a break and jethro didn't want to leave again. We diagnosed a loose wire on the + terminal. A little way down cement creek Ige decided she wanted to see mad flex on her 80 and removed the rear sway bar. Terry had some errands to to run in town and left us at the turn up to CB. He would have dinner for us when we returned :p:

Pearl was nice on the CB side. By now we had nice high clouds and sun. The bridge on the mud bog is easy if you put it in 4wd. The nasty pit after that was filled in with giant (like 5ft round) pine trunks. The scree field was uneventful but worried ige. More rocks might be coming down. At the top of pearl I swear the same power wagon (TOO OLD) was making his way up the same as a previous year. Of course there is always quads... The decent on the Aspen side went at a good pace. We were late for lunch.

A quick stop in ashcroft and we were on to Taylor. Jethro wanted to swim in beer rather than his lake so we kept on.

Once back at camp Terry had some fresh trout on the grill for all to enjoy (some errands he was running that afternoon ;) ) It was fantastic. I think everyone had brats that night and there was much anticipation for barbs Cherry cobbler. :bowdown: As Ige said it's the camaraderie and food that makes RS runs fantastic

I couldn't talk anyone into going over to williams pass. :o I went on. It's only open in august so I had to see it first hand. I motored up cumberland and set a record pace up to the alpine tunnel. I missed the turn off to williams since I was still in motor mode :rolleyes: Back up and proceed up. It was fairly rocky and the scree rocks shift under the weight of the truck. It was tight with the shrubs on either side. It was really rocky and wet. I banged the sliders a few times. Being low on fuel, actually E at one point, I stopped and wondered if I'd made the right choice. I should turn back and go over handcock. I thought about it and figured I knew my rig and that I'd be fine to get to the gunsmoke. The decent of williams was easy and I stopped to give directions to a nice couple from ireland hiking up to williams pass. They like wetlands and wanted to see some "Neat" stuff. On the way down I made contact with W0DW in BV and I made it to the gunsmoke (actually BV) with pleanty of fuel.

The BJ ran really well all the way home. I had to stop for probably 2 hours on 285 due to a collision resulting in death. I was probably 40 cars back. Man it was an ugly wreck as I finally made it by. The flight for life dropped in and man that guy is probably a hell of a pilot.

Never enough pics but here they are:

ElliottB 08-16-2009 10:30 PM

Amazing pictures! Those are some sharp looking rigs too. When I read Triple Bypass, I was thinking the bike race that was last month. Squaw Pass, Loveland Pass, and Vail Pass; pretty brutal. This looks like a LOT more fun!

rover67 08-16-2009 10:43 PM

great shots, and great trip report! thanks for sharing!

Shark Bait 08-16-2009 11:50 PM

Good stuff, Wes. Wish I had been with you all. :thumb:

ttubb 08-17-2009 08:49 AM

Field Repairs
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Here are a few more shots, including the "field repairs" Wes mentioned. Great fun and thanks to Bruce Miller for leading and Jethro for tail gunning. Terry

ttubb 08-17-2009 08:52 AM

...a few more pics
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Here are a few more pics. As you can tell, we had some rain..T

subzali 08-17-2009 11:53 AM

Really bummed I couldn't make it this year! Would have been a fun trip as always!

AxleIke 08-17-2009 12:24 PM

AWESOME report Wes...

What a beautiful area!

MDH33 08-17-2009 06:41 PM

Looks like a great run. Amazing pics. Sorry to miss it this year.

Good to see the 70 on the trail Wes.


Uncle Ben 08-17-2009 10:53 PM

Who's Isuzu is that? :lmao::lmao::lmao: :bolt:

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