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nakman 10-25-2009 01:21 AM

Spooky Night Run 2009
Wow!!!!! this one really lived up to the hype, I for one really got my money's worth. Did anyone take any pictures? I think we had 31 trucks at the dinner, about 25 that headed up for the upper loop, and only 4 that made it all the way around. Yeah there was some breakage, and some guys are still up there..


JadeRunner 10-25-2009 09:08 AM

The kids and I had fun Tim. We came home early. They got cold and were falling asleep on the way home. Thanks for another great event!

wesintl 10-25-2009 10:10 AM

Thank you Nakman! what a successful potluck spooky night run! Sorry we have to bail but it's tough on the youngins

Thanks for having a fire going when we got there robbie!

rover67 10-25-2009 10:17 AM

Hey Tim, THANKS for putting this one togather again!!! and THANKS Robbie for cutting all the wood and getting the fire going for everybody!! THANKS also to everybody that brought food, setup and broke down!

It was a very Spooky night with the stars out at one point, and the wind howling with blowing snow at another. It was great getting together and seeing everybody there!

After the potluck everybody made their way up the hill, and it got slicker and more difficult. I'll have to let somebody else report on the upper section of the trail, because I didn't quite get there. A breakdown at the top (sounds like it was a snapped pinion) forced the lower group to turn around and backtrack back down the hill. Everybody worked to get turned around and a small group decended. TIMZTOY, Thanks for letting me use your radio, mine's battery dies on the way up. It was good to be able to stay connected.

How'd it turn out at the top? Sorry i didn't head back up like I had planned, It sounded like it was covered..

How did it turn out at the top?

Bikeman 10-25-2009 10:46 AM

What an awesome time and a bit of an adventure on the loop. I'm glad I had front and rear lockers!

Thanks to Tim and Robbie for puttin' it on, and esp. to Tim for getting us over the top and out of there. Pics to come.

LXBRADY 10-25-2009 10:50 AM

Big thanks to Tim for putting this together.....site for the cookout was ideal!

Old40dog broke his pinion near the top in the slick stuff.

Big :bowdown: to all that helped, it was a regular all star RS member who's who under Dave's truck. We had UB, Treeroot, Dave in Denver, Powderpig, Timztoy (sans flashlight), Subzali, FOS (Father of Subzali) and a couple others whom I did not catch their names all wrenching feverously to get the broken rig back home safely.

Michele and I got home at 3am.....and yes she is still speaking to me. :cool::Princess:

Looking forward to the next run.............

DaveInDenver 10-25-2009 11:07 AM


A lot of the props go to Subzali, the man in charge of the situation. Uncle Ben, Subzali and Tim did most of the hard work in the axle. The rest of us handed them tools and tried to irritate them with the flashlights.

It was a spooky night driving home, the fog was like pea soup. Couldn't see 500 feet down the road. That was cool. Just as we got into Idaho Springs a mountain lion ran between Treeroot and John. That was spooky.

As if anyone didn't know, skinny pedal + 35" tires + V8 + SOA - anti-wrap bars = dead pinion. Worst part was it was too late for beers. No trail side repair should go uncelebrated. Oh, also it also seems pretty clear that any attempt to save time by not pulling the whole third to fix a broken pinion and working with just the inspection plate off in fact doubles the repair time.

subzali 10-25-2009 11:15 AM

I got home at 3:53 this morning.

It started nice and spooky:

Then it got more spooky on a steep, slick hill. My assessment: a sprung-over FJ40 with no anti-wrap bar. Sounded like a 350 under the hood, no lockers so high wheel speed, and one big bounce. Broken pinion. I'm immediately above him and everyone in front of me is quite a ways in front of me and probably not able to render assistance. We started getting those who were lower turned around while we figured out what to do. I hooked up my winch to a tree to keep me from sliding backwards, then backed down and strapped him away from a tree he had slid into, then when we unhooked he slid a few more feet into another tree. Got an FJC involved from below to swing his back end back onto the trail, then we pulled the diff cover, driveshaft, bearing caps, ring gear, and broken pinion and then reassembled the bearing caps as best we could so he could keep his rear axles in place and limp off the trail and home. Then we short-strapped him all the way back to the trailhead where he limped home in front wheel drive.


There was gear oil involved, and where was Ige? :confuse2:
Oh well, we have the TT technical writer here so we're good :thumb:

Very SPOOKY indeed...

My old boss Gary (in his FJ60 "Ol' Grateful") followed them all the way to Evergreen where they lived. Everyone got off the trail safe, nobody got hurt.

And yes, it would seem that pulling the 3rd member housing would actually be a lot easier than trying to assemble the bearing caps etc. while still in the truck. Oh well you live and you learn.

Air Randy 10-25-2009 11:51 AM

Many Thanks to Tim and everyone else who made this a great run, Dee and I had a ton of fun.

Many kudo's to the rescue team that stayed late under harsh conditions to ensure everyone got home safe.

Just goes to show you what a "different" group of people we 4 wheelers are.........everyones laying in the snow, trying to fix a severely broken vehicle well after midnight with the prospect of more bad weather on the way and yet I see most of them smiling in the pictures!:thumb: Did someone secretly sneak a flask along for "medicinal" purposes?:hill:

I sent Old40Dog a PM this morning, I have a diff if he needs it and I think we should get him a track bar fabbed up and in place before the next run.:D

Mendocino 10-25-2009 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by Air Randy (Post 123211)
... and I think we should get him a track bar fabbed up and in place before the next run.:D

I have all the parts (brackets, rod ends, bung, DOM, etc) for a track-bar sitting in my garage that I probably won't use in the near future. He can have them for what I have into them if he wants.

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