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PabloCruise 09-05-2005 03:40 PM

Thank You RS - Open Water Swimming!!!
Thank you for sponsoring my 10 kilometer open water swim this year in the Classic 10k Wingshadow Horsetooth Open Water Swim!!!

I really appreciate all who rallied to support my open water swim efforts this year.

As you know, on August 14th, I made my way through fog and drizzle to swim Horsetooth Reservoir in 3 hours and 24 minutes. Conditions were cold and drizzly, but we had a good time just the same.

Not only did you show your support for my efforts, but you showed support for kids who are trying to get out of a bad situation.

How? By sponsoring me, your money goes to benefit Wingshadow, Inc.

What is Wingshadow? Wingshadow is a non-profit organization that serves endangered youth and their families in Colorado. Wingshadow’s goal is to empower youth who are suicidal, homeless, pregnant, or caught up in a cycle of crime or violence. These are the same youth that society often rejects and views as failures and misfits. For many kids, Wingshadow is the only hope – the last stop before prison or early death

Wingshadow provides classrooms to those with special needs (dropped out, expelled, at-risk), foster care, mentoring, housing for teen mothers and their children (w/ emphasis on parenting skills), outreach activities, substance abuse help, on-site childcare and temporary housing for homeless youth.

I realize that there is not a lot of cross-over between Land Cruisers and open water swimming. Ige knows how many times I had to pass on offers to go grab a beer because I had to train the next morning.

So thank you all! I appreciate your support. Next year will be even better, as my Masters Swim Team will be hositng the 2006 open water nationals in Colorado’s very own Horsetooth Reservoir! If you want to volunteer, we will need people who can canoe or kayak with the swimmers. Contact me for more info!

PabloCruise 09-05-2005 04:37 PM

Lovely Horsetooth Res:


A chilly start - I'm the guy in the black suit with the orange cap!


bh4rnnr 09-05-2005 09:09 PM

Tj, congrats on this! Sorry I didnt help you out...... Sounds like you had a good time on the finish to.... Let me know next year, might be able to get my friend Greg to do it. He swam through out highschool at Regis. if they ever have a "Diving for pennies contes" let me know, cause I kick ass at that :D

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