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Groucho 04-08-2010 10:10 AM

Rising Sun Common Frequencies
In order to keep consistency among the club with regards to what frequencies everyone can use as common simplex frequencies, I got with Dave and Nakman and we decided to use the following 4 simplex frequencies for simplex operations:


So if we were to all program our radio's memories with these frequencies and label them as such, all of us could refer to these common frequencies when attempting to QSY with other members of the club. This is to help in consistency and ease of operation while on the trail/road. These 4 frequencies will carry from Colorado to Utah with no problem.

**Keep in mind that it is possible that these frequencies MAY NOT transfer to other states or areas where their specific bandplan is different. Please check your repeater guide for any specific areas where these might not be used as simplex frequencies, or check the web. **

One other frequency to know about is the main 2M National Simplex Calling frequency. The frequency for this is well known in the Amateur community. It is:
146.520 (also known as the 5-2)

The uniqueness associated with this frequency is that it is used for a couple different purposes. At any time this frequency may be used for communications. Its general purpose is to be a common frequency to meet up on and then move to a different frequency so as to keep the 5-2 clear for others. Another general purpose is for back country emergencies. If an operator is in the back country, they should switch to the 5-2 every hour and listen for 5 minutes. If there is another operator in need of assistance, this is the time to call for it as it is when there is the greatest probability of other listening.

What the 146.520 frequency is not to be used for is rag-chewing. This is a common courtesy and should be followed. Call who you desire a QSO with and move off frequency to rag chew.

As always, please use best judgment and common courtesy when operating.

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