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Hulk 04-29-2006 01:18 AM

Come to the Rally...
...and meet Ige!
She will be there to greet you at the gate!


Uncle Ben 04-29-2006 03:00 AM


Originally Posted by Hulk
...and meet Ige!

She will be there to greet you at the gate!


She is just telling how many Cruisers she has that actually run.....http://www.netshrine.com/vbulletin2/...milies/jab.gif :lmao: :lmao: http://www.netshrine.com/vbulletin2/...ies/finger.gif :beer:

nuclearlemon 04-29-2006 08:49 AM

oh.....thats cold :hill:

Romer 04-29-2006 11:44 AM

I thought the point was to make people want to come to the Rally.

That was pretty funny though!

Hulk 04-29-2006 09:38 PM

Hey, she's smilin'. That's the friendliest flip-off I ever done seen.

nuclearlemon 04-29-2006 11:39 PM

teach y'all to laugh at my nail polish

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