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sleeoffroad 06-22-2010 02:44 PM

Trasharoo Bags now in stock
We are now stocking Dave's Trasaharoo bags. Must have for every person that goes off-road


Colors available OD Green, Black and Desert Tan


Hulk 06-23-2010 01:35 AM

Do they take a trash bag liner, or do they get nasty after a few uses?

Bighead 06-23-2010 05:55 AM

The Trasharoo site says it "fits a standard 30 gallon trash bag liner for ease of dumping".

sleeoffroad 06-23-2010 08:12 AM

As Lance mentioned, it takes a bag as a liner. See features here


Hulk 06-23-2010 10:40 AM

Hmmm. I think I need one of those in tan. Are you coming to the July RS meeting?

RockRunner 06-23-2010 12:32 PM

I have wanted one for a while but the first style would not fit bigger than 35" tires. Was waiting for the larger style when I asked Dave to support CM with this result;

I just have a bad taste in my mouth after dealing with Dave to get one for CM raffle. We were all set to get a or some GC since they did not have any ready to ship, all of a sudden no more emails. I tried calling but no luck.

If Dave decided to pull out and not give us a raffle price that would have been fine but he could have communicated that to me so I would not be waiting for a GC or bag.

This is just my opinion and does not reflect the product. I will most likely still get one but it will be under protest.

sleeoffroad 06-23-2010 12:53 PM

I should be at the meeting. I know for a fact that Dave did not have any stock at the CM time since I spoke to him in AZ a week before that. I have always had good dealings with him. Might have been a simple miss communication.

RockRunner 06-23-2010 02:31 PM

I knew at that time too that he was out of stock. They just did the show and had send some demos to the J**p easter safari so they were out. That is why we discussed the GC's.

Either way it is in the past and it is no big deal, just wish he would have continued the communication.

RockRunner 06-26-2010 10:29 AM

Christo, Dave called me a few days ago. He made a very generous offer and I appreciate it very much. I understand that it must have been a hectic time for him and it is easy to forget or loose track of one email.

It was a bummer that we could not have one for CM but he has offered to donate one to the club for give away or????

I thought a good thing to do with it was to raffle it off during the swap meet/truck show. We get a lot of people that aren't members and don't know about all the products perhaps so it will be good exposure for Dave.

I will call him Monday and work out the details. Stay tuned.

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