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Romer 07-25-2010 03:44 PM

Camp Hale July 23-25
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Thanks to Farnham for setting up a great weekend event. I got up there Friday about 1PM. Tim, Bruce & Judy Paul and Matt joined next. We had a great game of horseshoes. Note: Paul is a Hustler:rolleyes:. Farnham came after work

There were just a few of us and we thought is was going to be a quite campground. Then after dark, Randy and his family, Marco, Brent, Dave & Justin came.

A nice night around the fire.

The next day we broke into two groups. I went with Dave, Randy, his daughters, son-in law and grandkids and Justin to Holy Cross.

We got to Frenches creek and their was a traffic jam due to two guys in Land rovers continually trying to get up and finally quitting. The fact they were drinking didn't help. We finally got through and all but Dave went to Cleavland rock were Justin tried to do it in Randy's "Gecko"

Cam back down and there was a bigger traffic jam and we waited almost two hours to make it across. Got back to camp late. I think Dave set a club record for the amount of breakdowns at a single event and still made it off the trail under his own power.

Another great night around the camp fire and "Chez Romer". We enjoyed music bu Tim Nakari and the drinking wheelers, and just had a great time all around.

Thanks Farnham for another great club run:thumb:

Romer 07-25-2010 03:47 PM

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A few more

Dee's rig is beautiful and she did awesome driving

farnhamstj 07-25-2010 05:06 PM

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Thanks to everyone who made it. I had a great time. I led the family/moderate run on Sat. We followed our planned route up McAlisters and Wearyman's. We rolled out of camp by 9:30 and got back at 2:45. Great scenery and wild flowers were about the best I've ever seen there. We caught the weather just right. It poured with rain for about 45 minutes and we all huddled under Romer's Camper. It cleared up and we flew kites, shot rockets, and drank beer. We all ate well and slept well. Sunday we went over Lime creek back to Vail Pass and were home by 1:30. Lime creek was pretty neat highlights were the sheep, baby lambs, and dead horse. Views weren't bad either. Thank you all for coming. Put it on the calender for next year.

60wag 07-25-2010 06:53 PM

Thanks for making it happen. We had a great time.

Romer 07-25-2010 07:11 PM

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Originally Posted by farnhamstj (Post 156435)
We caught the weather just right. It poured with rain for about 45 minutes and we all huddled under Romer's Camper.

Came back late from the Holy Cross Trail and there where bottles of hooch on the table, lots of chairs and Farnhams truck next to my camper blasting out tunes. Looks like I missed a hell of a party

This is a before picture and they said they had 15 people huddled up under:cheers:

nakman 07-25-2010 09:21 PM

Wonderful weekend, great group and lots of fun. Thanks again to all who came out, and especially Farnham for reserving the site for us all, was just perfect and fun for the whole family.

Old40Dog 07-25-2010 09:35 PM

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Thanks Farnham for putting together another outstanding run!

Special thanks to Justin for the "clip" (from the Gecko) for the steering shaft fix and to Dee & Randy for "hangin' 'round" til we got back down the hill, to Justin and Nick for the spots throughout the day and for Romer for giving Idelle & Zach a ride while I did the repairs!

The 40's now sitting in the garage on the jack stands awaiting a "TBI" and a few other mods and upgrades. Looks like Idelle's 80 will be getting us through the remaining summer runs. :D Ahh, a/c in August is not necessarily a bad thing. :lmao:

MDH33 07-25-2010 09:53 PM

Looks like fun. Wish I could have joined you all. :beer:

So, I'm gathering from the thread so far that Marco is making the 40's Only Run and Dave isn't.

Jacket 07-25-2010 10:05 PM

Thanks to everyone that came out to make it a great weekend! I had a great time, and I think I did some driving too.....

treerootCO 07-25-2010 10:33 PM

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Looks like fun. I ran up to the top of Mosquito pass and called out around 10:30PM. I raised Marco from the top and he was on an HT. :thumb:

Mosquito isn't scary at all at night :eek:

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