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Caribou Sandstorm 08-02-2010 12:29 AM

Red Cone is really fun right now
Did Red Cone today with a neighbor. Did not stop to take any pics, except of my navigator standing next to the tire, during a sandwich break..


Rained on us heading down from the top and I70 was a 3 hour drive back to Denver...

The frontage road was a bust, one of the bridges is out..If you take the frontage Rd from Georgetown, cross over the freeway just before the hwy 40 turn off to Winter Park, then reconnect with the frontage Rd at the stop sign, straight ahead. I am normally not a big frontage Rd. guy but today was so painfully slow, it was frontage Rd. or Guenalla Pass (not sure that is even a possibility).

Also bumped into Christo's bumper/slider fabricating team on top of Red Cone, Louis and his family. Nice people. They were inquiring about my rear bumper and said, "that isn't a Slee rear bumper but it sure is nice." When I mentioned how I really wanted a pair of Slee Sliders, they quickly climbed under the FJ and acknowledged that these would be easy to fabricate..

Funny how you run into folks in the oddest places.. I guess the top of Red Cone is not that random after all.

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