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nakman 09-28-2010 10:28 PM

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Marco and I were messing around with my telescope and Canon point & shoot one afternoon on the Camp Hale trip this summer.. one of these popped up on the screen saver tonight, so I thought I'd share the series.. I give you...


rover67 09-28-2010 10:48 PM


That was fun, they turned out sweet :)

CardinalFJ60 09-28-2010 11:23 PM

really cool.
nice creative use of the (expensive) toys!

Hulk 09-29-2010 12:49 AM

I dig it! Very cool.

bh4rnnr 09-29-2010 09:04 AM

Way cool!

nakman 09-29-2010 11:37 AM

Yeah thanks folks, I'm actually amazed at how well it focused.. we literally just held the camera up to the telescope. I'm going to try this again for sure.

bh4rnnr 09-29-2010 12:27 PM

I'm thinking the last one with the rain coming down would be a good one to send to TT;)

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