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treerootCO 05-26-2006 01:49 AM

Rollins Pass - Jenny Creek report 5/25/06
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Decided not to sleep today so Ian and I ran up Rollins Pass to check on the trail. Jenny Creek FR502 is still closed due to snowpack. The first big drift is still blocking the trail just past the closed routes from the main road. The signage is still in place from last year and the non-marked routes appear to have zero traffic so far. We broke through three drifts on the main road and decided against attempting the V cut. I think we need UB up there for that one.

treerootCO 05-26-2006 01:53 AM

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Walked most of the road picking up the trash that seems to get worse every year. Maybe it seems worse after the first snowmelt but it pissed me off so we started cleaning. A full day and a truckload later the Rollins Pass road is much more presentable. The campsite we came across made me sick, and I might move this to the member's only section because, even though we cleaned up some inconsiderate bastard's mess, it still refects poorly on everyone that enjoys the outdoors.

extra brownie points hopefully, the aluminum will be recycled.

treerootCO 05-26-2006 01:54 AM

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Our adventure just wouldn't be complete without this :( It's cool though, that brake line held everything in place :D

Silly me thinking Karma was on our side today :o


treerootCO 05-26-2006 02:09 AM

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made it home and got a solid 15 min of sleep before work :D

I would say it was a great day. Thank you Ian for helping out today :beer:

Uncle Ben 05-26-2006 02:10 AM

Un-frickin-believable! What a bunch of asshats! Thank you guys for doing what you did (always do!)! Wheres that picture of the drift I gotta break WR out for? ;) Oops....never mind you just loaded it! :rolleyes:

Uncle Ben 05-26-2006 02:15 AM

Snow looks hard crusted...is it?

treerootCO 05-26-2006 02:17 AM

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The 40 breaks down into it about 8" or so in the soft spots. Most of the time we could stay on top of it.

Ian at the wheel!!:thumb:

Uncle Ben 05-26-2006 02:18 AM


Originally Posted by treerootCO
The 40 breaks down into it about 8" or so in the soft spots. Most of the time we could stay on top of it.

Hmmmmm....Tuesday? :lmao: :rolleyes: ;)

treerootCO 05-26-2006 02:21 AM

Sounds good to me, anything is better than the picket lines :D Might have to fix the truck first though. We drove home on the "trail fix."

cougar337 05-26-2006 02:23 AM

Yeah it was a beautiful day up there and it was so nice to be up in the mountains. Treeroot and I defiantly got our exercise in walking the trail picking up junk, but we both felt good with our accomplishments today. The Axle problem kind of sucked but it only took us about 1.5 hours to get it rigged up to come home and we made it safe and sound.

All in all it was a good trip and between the 2 of us we got some excellent pictures!

Treeroot has been running(awake) for at least 28 hours so far on 15 min of sleep and he has another 5 hours left of work, THAT'S HARD CORE....for the love of wheeling sacrifices will be made

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