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rhyary 12-22-2010 12:58 PM

EchoLink test
I would like to test EchoLink.
The closest to me EchoLink repeater is:
KC2IVI-R, Node #48899, PL 146.2.

Anyone here an EchoLink expert?

I want to connect using my FTM-350R. Not using computer!

I have EchoLink on my Iphone, so we can try that as well.

rhyary 12-27-2010 03:43 PM

OK, I figured out the Echolink and IRLP.
I have a local node I can connect to via RF.
I found some nodes in CO.

Here are the call signs and locations of nodes I can connect to:
KC0HH - Lamar - 449.500 PL: 123.0
KG0I - Greely -
K7PFK - Bullhead - 448.950 PL: ?
KD5LWU - Firestone - 447.850 PL 91.5 (this looks like Denver)
KD5LWU - Cortez - ? covers CO, NM, UT, AZ so it says. No frq is given.

Anyone care to give it a try, I will leaving work in few minutes and would like to try it.

Also, if you know how to link a repeater, I will be listening on Node 48899 if I am not doing the connection.

RockRunner 12-27-2010 09:43 PM

I would love to help you but no idea how. Get with DaveinDenver, I am sure he will be ale to make contact with you and or help you if needed.

Man you are getting into this radio thing aren't you? Me just axles but oh what fun they will be when done.

Seldom Seen 12-28-2010 11:16 AM

I messed with Echolink for a while, kept running into firewall issues I couldn't solve. I'm still somewhat active on IRLP (node 3286) if you want to set up a sked.

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