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Trapper50cal 05-09-2011 02:12 PM

Kokopelli Dbl-overnighter CM11
So, I wanted a unified thread where folks who participated in the Kokopelli Double Overnighter could post up their pics.

Nathan from Alberta has put together a great little YouTube flick that I will link in here as well.

First let me say...What a BLAST! Although there were a couple snafus and hurdles (this being an inaugural offering and all), what an amazing way to get to Cruise Moab proper. There is something about having an adventure through the wilderness of the Southwest to arrive at an event....kind of like trappers having to trek great distances to make it to a rendezvous. Great people, great sites, great time...all led by perhaps the finest Cruiser mechanic on the face of this planet, Robbie Antonson, and gunned by Chris (Sandstorm) Great job guys!

Top of the world felt like exactly that. Rolling down into Moab via Sand Flats with half the trucks running on fumes felt as satisfying as it did relieving.

More stories to come, I'm sure.....but here are some pics to get this thing kicked off. I did not take enough shots to represent all of it.

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

By trapper50cal at 2011-05-09

Obviously very incomplete collection, but I hope others will take the opportunity to post up as well! Once again, great time guys! And Thank You soooo much RS for doing the hard work to make this happen!

Nathan's great Youtube movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPBhax2ZWMg

pskhaat 05-09-2011 02:39 PM

Would you mind posting or PM'ing a GPS track? I'd like to see where y'all went.

DaveInDenver 05-09-2011 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by pskhaat (Post 182669)
Would you mind posting or PM'ing a GPS track? I'd like to see where y'all went.

I'd like to see the route and description, too.

Trapper50cal 05-09-2011 03:22 PM

Well, I didn't record it but I know someone did. We started just outside of Fruita, CO...camped first night at Fish Ford (correct? Guys?) went to Top of the World day two then back tracked to Onion Creek to camp for night two only to be denied...then headed to Dewey Bridge where we were able to fit all our trucks, then day three brought the last section, straddling the side of the La Sals and the opposite rim of the Top of the World lookout, down through onto Sand Flats, past Fins and Hell's and into town.

powderpig 05-09-2011 03:27 PM

I do not have a gps track, but some info on it I can provide. It starts out of Mile 2 on the colorado side of I 70 at the Rabbit valley exit. It goes along the colorado (some times close and some time far away. It ends up over near Cisco, and we camped at Fish Ford the first night. After Cisco, we hit the paved road for a bit and connected with the trail again over near Dewey Bridge, and wondered around the dome plateau area a bit before crossing the bridge and colorado river an getting around the Top of the world area.
Then after staying on the Kokopelli trail some more we ended up over near Onion creek and then into Thompson Canyon then over into the La Sal National Forest till we came up and over a couple ridges and into a sand flats rec road that starts near Porcupine Ridge trail in Sand flats rec area.

Anyhow it is moslty famous for a Mountain Bike trail, it is in the north Moab Trail map that can be had at most local Colorado REI's. It is called the Kokopelli trail on the map.
Some one stated that there is a GPS track on line if you google Kokopelli and search a bit.

DaveInDenver 05-09-2011 03:27 PM

So you guys camped 2 nights or 3? Was the pace good, slow or fast? I've only ridden Kokopelli on MTBs and we did it in 3 days, 2 nights camping. That was an aggressive ride but got the feeling that camping 2 nights was a slow pace in trucks. I have a GPS-generated track and detailed notes for the MTB route, but am compiling differences in bypasses for trucks. Rose Garden would be a place I'd like to have a driving alternate but would not think of bypassing on a bike. Too much fun!

Trapper50cal 05-09-2011 03:35 PM

2 nights....Rose Garden Hill was last day (3rd) My armor earned it's keep that day....pace was okay, we slinky-ed out a couple times and took a couple wrong turns but nothing that absorbed a huge amount of time. After Top of the World, some of us went back down the way we came and some did a loop around back onto the main decent, the loop was fun, with a lot of medium tough obstacles, but we ended up holding things up a bit, I think. Ben (Black FJC) broke a CV on Rose as the 3rd or 4th truck down and we spot/snuck around him to the bottom and waited for him to get stuff limp-able but once again, not a particularly lengthy wait. It was a nice combo of terrains....high plains, riverbed, canyon views, small shelfs, high mountains...good stuff

Red_Chili 05-09-2011 03:41 PM

It's one very long day on a dirt bike. A bit long for me really, we bailed at Rose Garden and rode out to 128, thence to Moab. Did the second half in the Chili that year. It definitely takes you through all kinds of ecosystems!

Good to talk to you guys on Top of the World while we were headed west on I70.

Caribou Sandstorm 05-10-2011 04:43 PM

What a great group of folks we had for this run. It was a privilege to be a part of the group'

Here is Nate's web site. www.ct4wda.com

If you go to the home page and scroll down to Recent news, Nate's video is the second bubble link. Really, really well done.

If you look closely you will see and should take note of some world class spotting by our very own Dan Reinmuth.

Here are a few of my pics.














Oh, I almost forgot, this big Caribou was just wondering about off the trail and vansihed before any of the others in the group saw it!!! :thumb:

Red_Chili 05-10-2011 05:04 PM

Gee Chris, that caribou suit fits really well!

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