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60wag 05-14-2011 05:50 PM

Nice job on CM2011
I want to compliment the CM committee on another spectacular event. A detail that I liked was the booklet that came with the registration paperwork. The GPS tracks and maps of the trails are a nice addition the usual event schedule. I also really like the Proffits Cruisers/Larry Miller green schwag bag. I just filled it with some straps and shackles for a recovery kit.

Nice job on the whole event. I thought the dinner was good and am curious what the feedback is from participants compared to last year and previous year's events.

farnhamstj 05-14-2011 10:39 PM


pskhaat 05-14-2011 11:32 PM


bh4rnnr 05-15-2011 12:23 PM

Really enjoyed CM this year and thought that everyone involved did a supre fine job putting it together. Was nice having the dinner so close to base camp and the food was great. Also thought that this was one of the better vendor nights:thumb:.

Thanks to all those involved:bowdown:


rover67 05-15-2011 02:59 PM

Yeah, the CM committee did a stand up job! On several occasions I had people tell me how great they thought the event was. You guys and gals really did a wonderful job this year.


desmocruiser 05-15-2011 10:01 PM

Great job!

Many thanks to the committee, club, leaders, and gunners for the efforts made to make it a great event and I can't say enough about the hospitality from the entire group.

Knoxville, TN

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