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Air Randy 05-16-2011 11:07 AM

CM11 Feedback
Well, we have another fun and succesful Cruise Moab behind us. The CM11 committee will soon begin the "lessons learned" process of reviewing what went well this year and where we can improve for the future. Our first meeting for that purpose will be this Wednesday night.

Please provide your honest feedback and suggestions here or directly to a committee member.

Let me start it off with my thoughts:

Vendor night at SRCG worked well, plenty of room, easy access, no driving required (keeping in mind all of the free beer given away :D).

The dinner was excellent and the tent/Archway location was good except we shouldn't advertise it as being within close walking distance. Since there was so much space for parking available lets make sure folks know how far it is and can drive to it unless they really like long hikes (especially if they have to carry raffle prizes back). I thought the bathrooms we had setup there worked well.

I felt like the raffle went well, we finished exactly on schedule. It's always nice to have more/better prizes but I thought we had pretty nice stuff this year.

SRCG worked OK for me with the usual caveats that the bathrooms are functional but nothing to brag about AND the cottonwood fuzz is a pain and we know it is a real fire risk :eek: when it accumulates in quantity.

Tech inspection seemed to go well and the trail runs were excellent as usual.

I think if we decide to stay at SRCG next year we should consider signing a contract with the campground owners where we pay them to bring in additional portable bathroom/shower units and/or increase the cleaning/stocking of the existing bathrooms.

I'm not sure how we avoid the cottonwood fuzz without moving the event earlier, which then puts us at greater risk for cold/rainy/snowy weather. It was fantastic that we had warm, sunny weather all week this year. Any chance of moving it a week or two later than when we did it this year, or does that put us outside our permit limitations?

If we want to consider going back to BFE next year, lets try to do it without simply passing on the considerable infrstructure cost to the participants. We should consider major sponsor financial support and subcontracting all of the infrastructure setup/operation/teardown via contract with the owners of BFE. They have offered to provide this service. I think if you start early enough, put it in a formal contract where they don't get paid unless they perform, you can ensure a quality setup without placing 100% of the burden on committee members and volunteers.

Jacket 05-16-2011 11:23 AM

I didn't get a chance to enjoy the dinner/raffle, but I did at least drive over there before we spent 5 hours in the ER. It was reasonably close, but I still feel like a true on-site dinner should be our goal. Driving to the Bar M sucked, and I'm glad that's behind us. But even driving a 1/2 mile - 1 mile down the road puts us at risk for drinking and driving issues, and makes it harder for families to participate in the full dinner and raffle.

I thought the canvas bag was a great idea, as was the water bottle. I thought the printed booklet with maps was cool, although if it was costly I'd question the value since so many people have maps, gps's and other tools for routing finding. But as a marketing brochure, I enjoyed flipping through it.

And going back to Slickrock reminded me how much I hate that place. If I can drink enough and pass out it's fine, but the family is pretty close to bowing out because it's not conducive to getting a good night sleep, and it's just too crammed in there. I definitely provides some advantages for the overall event, but keeping my wife and kids happy in that place is getting harder and harder.

Red_Chili 05-16-2011 11:41 AM

Randy, I concur with all your observations. The dinner was superb and the raffle time was just right. Years past it has seemed way too long, but not the last couple of years, and this time was perfect!

Though a drive, it was close and offered the possibility of walking (or that failing, truck-pooling). Moving it to SRCG would have been an unattractive option.

I am personally done with SRCG. I miss being around everyone, but that's about it. BFE is just too far from town for me. Moab restaurants or attractions are part of the draw. The perfect combo would be the overnighter, followed by motelling it. Getting old I guess.

There are other options but I know folks have looked into them without success? What about two adjoining ior close camp or cabin locations? There are motels nearby so I guess I've found a personal solution.

It probably could be added to tech, to ask the driver if s/he is aware of any mechanical issues that could compromise reliability. Then pursue helping them fix it?

LXBRADY 05-16-2011 12:15 PM

I thought it was well done. Catering the dinner was the best thing that came out of last years event and was well received this year. The raffle had great pace and never got boring.

As for SRCG we did not stay there so I can not comment, but we stopped by several times and the vendor night was well attended.

Saw a attendee drive better on Sat than on Thursday, job well done:thumb: And no it was not me......

Jacket 05-16-2011 01:07 PM


Originally Posted by FJBRADY (Post 183242)
Catering the dinner was the best thing that came out of last years event

Thanks. Finding Nick might be my only lasting legacy :)

Hulk 05-16-2011 01:53 PM

The dinner and giant tent in the Archway Inn parking lot were absolutely fantastic. It was super close to Slickrock Campground. It was a great atmosphere and the raffle went off nicely. The meal was decent, too, although I remember the food being better last year.

One thing that I was disappointed by was that the shirt size I had pre-ordered for my son was no longer available when I showed up to check in Thursday afternoon (I was on the overnight run so I checked in late). It seems like we should pull the shirts for people who pre-order so they get the sizes they paid for.

I also think Stephen Rudy is an awesome ambassador of the club. Time after time, people stopped by to ask about changing trails. He dealt with each one of them cheerfully. The Trail Boss is a tough job, but dealing with it in such a friendly manner makes everyone's experience at CM just that much better.

The one thing we could do for Slickrock would be to pay for additional cleanings. I'm betting they clean the bathrooms once a day. If we paid for 3 cleanings a day, they would be much, much better.

I hate the cotton with a passion. If it wasn't for the cotton and the dirty bathrooms, Slickrock Campground would be ideal.

Dr. Schlegs 05-16-2011 02:18 PM

Input it always welcome. I will be passing out the sheet around again for people that are interested in being on the 2012 CM committee, next general meeting. If you want to have a fingerprint on CM history and attempt to make this event better, please sign up. New blood breeds new ideas. There will be an election for CM12 Committee Chair.

I want to have the CM12 meetings start sooner rather than later so things are not being done in haste and there is fewer 11th hour changes. Olaf from area BFE wants to come to the first meeting of the CM12 committee to make a bid to have CM return to area BFE. I stress this is only a bid for our attention, nothing has been locked in.

I personally can see the point of the cottonwoods, being a pain (I was picking some out of my teeth with every drink of my beer). However, when you are camping you never know that you will get. The bathrooms are fair, but do need to be stocked better.

Red_Chili 05-16-2011 02:18 PM

+1 for Rude Boy. An entirely undeserved nick name!!

pskhaat 05-16-2011 02:44 PM

Moving back to Denver last year, I'm looking forward to participating more with Rising Sun in the near future.

I did, however, get a last-minute opportunity (thank you) to formally participate. Being mostly away from CM/RS for 8 years I can very clearly say this year's CM was one of the best I had ever attended. +1 on kudos to Rudy.

Sorry, but SRCG is akin to a detention center. That place would rock if I had a camper (I don't) and the family did not come out. My wife and fam will never return to SRGC from past experience, and I'd like them be able to enjoy it too. It is not Cruise Moab's fault, it's just a tight and dirty fit in there.

I'm not necessarily/personally suggesting this, but renting a large HQ location and allowing folks to determine their own lodging is something I've heard lots of folks (mostly spouses actually) mumble over the years. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy more brews than I should for sure, but keeping it localized to facilitate safe drinking should be the goal?

There are never easy and agreeable answers to these and I applaud everyone who planned and organized this. If I could be of any help next year in assisting, I would be honored to do so, look forward to more.

LXBRADY 05-16-2011 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by Jacket (Post 183245)
Thanks. Finding Nick might be my only lasting legacy :)

Probably right. :drumsticks:

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