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powderpig 11-13-2011 08:44 PM

cool cooking devices for the home
Interesting thing. We had the chance to try out some newer stove top technology recently. The dummy I am, I let go of a cook top I got off craigslist last winter for our kitchen remodel(some day in the future). It was part of a double oven and cook top I got resonable. Well when trying to switch the fan from one side to the other, it tipped over and broke the glass top. I had just recently heard about Induction cooking from a neighbor up here in Sunshine. Well Robin and I decided to give it a try after I did some research on the web(a couple of weeks worth). Well we have had it in for the last month or so. I can not believe how well we can cook with this newer technology. We are a all electric house, no propane or natural gas. Every thing that I read was that this inductive is just as good or better than gas is true in many ways.
The only down side is the pots or pans need to be made of a metal that will except magnetic fields. So High iron content. We have some so so aluminum pans we had to give up. But cast iron is great, stainless with a high iron content works great. Aluminum with a steel layer works great as well. The difference between simmer and boil is so much better than the old electrical Jen Air we had. It cooks so much like using a gas type stove top.

Anyhow, we did not opt for the highest dollar units for sale. But did not want to totally go hog wild on something new to us. But I am a true believer in this type of technology for cooking(at least if you are all electric and do not mind giving up cooking with aluminum).
Just thought I would post up something we have tried and like very much. :thumb::cheers:

RockRunner 11-13-2011 10:11 PM

We looked at those too when we decided to change our kitchen up. I really liked it only problem we had were the pans. We had just bought a new set and they weren't very compatible with the stove. I also wanted to get a gas stove but was out voted, and it is only the two of us :rolleyes:

Enjoy your new stove:thumb: Oh and good luck on your rehab!

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