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Jacket 11-14-2011 04:44 PM

I've used these guys a couple times now for repairs on my Canon G9, and I've been pleased with their level of service and quick turnaround. I found them via a recommendation from a friend over on ExPo.

Cameras And Parts

First I had a "no power" situation over the summer that they fixed and returned in 1.5 weeks, and just a week before the Maze trip I cracked my LCD (again...). I sent the camera back down there, and it was back at my house and fixed when I got back on Sunday. Not only do they fix the problem, but they also "detail" your camera and clean it up where needed.

With my first shipment down there, I gave FedEx the wrong shipping address and the camera got "lost" in the FedEx warehouse. The guys at CamerasAndParts called FedEx directly, and worked with the warehouse folks and driver to track the package down and get it to the camera shop the very next day.

Overall they are 2 for 2 in my book, and so with all the photographers in this club I figured you all should know about them as well.

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