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Corbet 01-08-2012 10:03 AM

CM12 Camping outside SRCG
Anyone planning to camping somewhere other than SRCG for CM12. I don't want to go back to SRCG this year personally. Looking for company somewhere else.

Anyone interested in booking/splitting a BLM group site or group site at Portal behind SRCG? Area BFE?

I will have Bridger (2.5yr old) with me this year.

AxleIke 01-08-2012 11:54 AM

Assuming I can go this year, I'd be down. I really don't like the campground.

Corbet 01-08-2012 01:21 PM

I we can get a few I'll call the BLM and reserve a group site somewhere. Most sites require 10 people or so. Some more. Sand Flats, Goose Island would both be good spots to be still close to town.

Inukshuk 01-09-2012 10:02 AM

I'm interested. I like the camaraderie at Slickrock, but would consider this for the sake of variety if we get a good crew. One of the BLM sites on the way to Kane Creek perhaps, or as you wrote, sand flats. Night wheeling fins?

arthog 01-09-2012 12:05 PM

Id be interested in that too. Sand flats is good for the mtb.

Inukshuk 01-09-2012 12:55 PM

From Goose Island could do a night run to Top of the World or Dome Plateau.

Corbet 01-09-2012 01:41 PM

I got a spot at Goose Island. 4/30-5/6/11

Space for 5 vehicles. Site is set up for tent camping. Trailer space is very limited based on info from BLM. I'm hoping to scout this during the pre run or sooner.

So ideally I'm looking for 5 vehicles that plan to get into Moab early for the event. I have the site starting Monday night. Family's encouraged. I will have my son Bridger (2.5yr old) with me and Porter of course. I don't want to party it up but looking to enjoy some beverages around a fire.

Cost is based on the total number of people in the site. Goal is 10-15 and your final cost would be based on that. Around $70 for the week give or take depending on number of people. Much cheaper the SRCG. Vault toilets-yes, showers-no, water onsite-no, delicious Durango based micro beers-very strong chance:drink:.

I camped there maybe 10 years ago. Remember some shade and nice soft sand for your tent.

If your interested please PM me with the dates you plan to attend, number of people, vehicle, etc... I have until 30 days prior to finalize.

Folks that have contacted me:

Trapper50Cal - JT - maybe
Rhyary - Rami
Beno - Onur - maybe
AxleIke - Isaac
Arthog - Terry
Inukshuk - Daniel - Out
Bgoodheart - B.J. - Confirmed Camping
Baja1D - Travis - Confirmed Camping
Brian Brantner - Confirmed Camping

rhyary 01-11-2012 10:07 AM

But if I am coming from Koko, I will only need two nights.
Thu and Fri.

I have hot shower setup, you bring the water!

Corbet 01-11-2012 10:14 PM

4 Attachment(s)
By the way this is only 5 minutes from SRCG, north of town along the river. For you MTB riders out there, its the campground right below the exit from the Porcupine Rim trail.

Here are some pictures of the site complements of Chris Davis. There is a defined parking area and the small sun/rain shelter for the group site. Tents would need to be dispersed with-in the site.

bgoodheart 01-12-2012 10:21 AM

PM Sent

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