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IanB 09-14-2005 10:06 AM

Frame off?
I have the 40 dismantled to the point now that I am seriously thinking of doing a frame off. All that is left is the tub and the electrical in the dash.

For those who have done one, how difficult was it to get everything back together? Are there any big "gotchas" I should be aware of before doing this?

If I am going to pull the wiring harness completely I want to replace it, but I am planning on going with a Landcruiser electronic ignition. Should I go ahead and wire that in first? I don't want to scab onto or rewire a new harness right after I install it.

It would seem that, between this forum and mud and the FSM's, this should be do-able. Am I deluding myself?

Anyone want to do a frame off this winter? :D

nakman 09-14-2005 10:45 AM

I'd suggest taking a long look at Jeff's site, http://rzeppa.org/resto/cruiser1.htm since he's done it.. er... doing it. :)

Rzeppa 09-18-2005 11:51 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Page 28 was updated over 4th of July weekend...the photos below are from yesterday. As you can see, I'm a lot further along. Later today I expect to start on the rear quarter panels and wheel wells!

Rezarf 09-18-2005 03:56 PM


Man you are good shape for a fame off resto. Your rig is in a good place to go for it. When I did my major "refresh" not a complete resto the only thing I under estimated was the amount of time it took to do all the work.

Plan on your rig being down for the count for quite some time. But I would love to help you some this winter, especially since you have all those nice garage goodies! :D

BTW,did you finish Zachs cage yet?

Rezarf <><

IanB 09-18-2005 07:26 PM

Jeff - That looks awesome, I wish my junk looked like that. One day I would like to do a full on resto, bone stock. But for now I am aquiring skills and will be happy just to get my 40 running again. I'm planning on bugging you with "how the hell does this go back together?" questions :D

Rezarf - Zach cut some more tubing for his cage on Friday, he's almost done. Its his project, I just provided equipment and crankiness since my knee hurt like hell that weekend.

I have already started the frame off, I just finished pulling the wiring harness out. Ill be working this every weekend for ummmmmm, quite a while. :eek: Basically I want a clean, presentable trail rig for once in my life, but still fairly capable. This is not a resto. I will do everything except cut and turn the axle and the paint. Here's the plan:

Body - Remove from frame, cut out all rust and weld in steel patches, continous TIG butt welds. Then I will probably hand it over to Oleg (have to talk to him yet) for paint (OEM mustard yellow, can't stand olive brown) and Rhino line interior. Custom rear tailgate (I have cool plans for this), rear wheel wells cut somewhat but I want this to look like a Land Cruiser, not a buggy. Soft top and doors.

Frame - clean and paint, repair as necesary.

Engine - Ok im telling myself Im going to put it back in but man, while I have it out a rebuild would be sweet... At a minimum though I am going to replace the oil pan, which is the last leak on the rig.

Tranny and t-case - probably rebuild during the downtime.

SOA - stock springs, anti-inverter shackles, bilstein shocks. This is assuming I don't get drunk at some point in the next couple of years of working on this and go coil overs. Ford shock towers up front.

Power steering - Maybe sag, probably OEM so I can fit any winch in between my frame rails up front. 4x4 Labs hi steer, will upgrade tie rod and drag link etc not sure how yet. I may just look for the correct tubing and invest in the taps so I can tap stuff for 80 tre's.

Custom "family" cage mounted to frame.

Front axle rebuilt with all chrome-moly and an Aussie.

Stainless brake lines throughout.

Painless wiring harness, waterproofed. Optima battery, Toyota 80-87 waterproof electronic ignition.

Snorkel with centrifugal air cleaner.

Fuzzy dice.

Thinking about: Toybox or double t-cases and shackle reversal while I do the SOA, then custom driveshafts to fit the new config. Do it once and do it right. :)

farnhamstj 09-20-2005 06:23 PM

I'd do frame off again no worries
Just do it. Order new mounts and hardware (ccot) and motor mounts(ccot) use ASE for the tranny bolts $8 not $100. I didn't do new wire harness. The trick to the body mounts is chop them with a sawzall if the bolts are too rusted. Have a fire exstinguisher handy if you are going to use a torch.

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