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El Flaco 09-15-2005 10:04 AM

like rally? RedRum needs help!!
You dont even need to be into rally for that matter. Just need to be into off-road recovery and/or extraction(which most of us live for!). Ayways, the RedRum was supposed to be a Heavy Sweep vehicle for this weekends Colorado Cog Rally in Steamboat Springs but she is having suspension issues that render her useless. If ANYONE can or will fill in for me...I would be forever grateful. Responsibilities include extracting rally cars from the woods or wherever they may end up when they fly off a corner at 100mph(or just 10mph). If you have never been to a rally, it is quite the spectacle. All wheel drive cars(mostly) modified to drive any surface as fast as possible without dying. Its truly an awesome site. If anyone is interested in filling in, I can get you all the info and we can maybe carpool. I will be going regardless. Let me know ASAP. Thanks
Check the website here

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