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CardinalFJ60 06-15-2012 03:02 PM

Anyone shooting a Nikon 1?
just curious if anyone has made this leap to this style camera. the lens selection seems limited and only one "fast" lens available at 10mm

Hulk 06-18-2012 03:30 PM

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No, but I bet you would look cute with a pink one. :D

smslavin 06-18-2012 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 (Post 213498)
just curious if anyone has made this leap to this style camera. the lens selection seems limited and only one "fast" lens available at 10mm

i'm currently getting intrigued by a few of those body styles. samsung's nx210, fuji's x1 and panasonic's gx1. if i ever win the lottery, i'll get a leica m9.

while i don't mind hauling the 5D around, i'd love to have something a little smaller for travel.

CardinalFJ60 06-18-2012 05:59 PM

SO....for the guy who never wins anything...I won a Nikon 1 J1. :D

I totally gonna get stuck with the pink 'freebie'. :hill: I'll let you know how it is. I consider my d40x my Point and shoot these days. :rolleyes:

It should arrive in a couple days.

Hulk 06-18-2012 06:39 PM

Cool win! Do you get to pick the color?

CardinalFJ60 06-19-2012 07:10 AM

dunno about the choice?
Yeah, I'm pumped! Sierra Trading Post Sweepstakes. Who Knew!?:D I've been getting clothing, camping and outdoorsy junk from there for years. If you haven't heard of that place, you get smokin' deals on alllll kinds of stuff. :thumb: they also have a storefront in Cheyenne.

I too have always been curious about that technology..that, and I'm Nikon shooter, so hopefully the controls will be intuitive and consistent so I can get a hang of it quickly.

CardinalFJ60 06-22-2012 03:59 PM

First Impressions...
So...being a Nikon DSLR shooter, the controls are intuitive and similar to other Nikons as you might imagine. Although many controls are menu driven, there are enough manual buttons and dials to make changes on the fly fairly easily.

It balances pretty well in the hand, and focus acquisition is pretty darn good! once focused, there is little shutter lag. the lenses are nice, and racking is smooth. they lock shut, which is nice.

Image quality: simply put...VERRY nice. I'm impressed with the metering - as it does have spot, center and matrix modes. it aslo shoots RAW and RAW+jpg. So that's nice.

the J1 doesn't have a hot shoe mount nor a real eyepiece. not a big deal in my book.

In a nutshell: the camera does what it's designed to do verry well. it's a little gimicky, but not over the top. Would I buy since I have DSLR? Probably not for $650. but Dang...I consider it the BEST POINT AND SHOOT I've shot. when I keep that in mind. it's nice, reallly nice. I have the flexiblity to take images the I want without relying on the camera. It's not as portable as my wife's real P-n-S.

It's in a weird place in the market right now. the small, interchangable lens thing is a misfit currently. I either want to take my DLSR or my wife's P-n-S. this is somewhere in the middle...for a lot of $$. I might sacrifice the interchangeable lens feature for something smaller. like the Canon G11 or G12.

IT does have a really cool slow motion video feature. :thumb:

if anyone has questions, lemmeno. I'm having fun with it. I'll post an image or two in the near future.

smslavin 06-22-2012 04:35 PM


looking forward to seeing what comes out of it

CardinalFJ60 06-23-2012 08:41 AM

here's one..
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jpeg straight from the camera.

smslavin 06-23-2012 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 (Post 213904)
jpeg straight from the camera.

that's quite nice

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