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bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 07:30 PM

Pavilion Point 7-28-2012
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This has long been on to to explore list ever since I first explored one of the side roads off Rising Sun Argentine Pass Adopt-a-road.

Near the end of life for the Argentine Central Railway, Pavilion Point was created in hopes of getting more visitor to the fading line. They built a hotel and dance hallat a turn on the Narrow Guage line where it starts to leave Levenworth Mountain and head into the Argentine Valley.

You can access the North side of the Argentine line via Silver Plume.

Onto the pics:).

Morning Dew greats us at the trail head. A nice break from the hot, hot city.
Attachment 29904

The Narrow guage road.
Attachment 29905

Starting the climb up.
Attachment 29906

Attachment 29907

Climbing in Elevation and looking towards Silver Plume. The grade for the line is 6%. Easy hiking but a tough climb for the geared "Shay" engines that Argentine Central used.
Attachment 29908

Attachment 29909


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 07:37 PM

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Lots of opportunitys to overlook the I-70 valley.
Attachment 29910

The once bustling town of Silver Plume.
Attachment 29911

Republican Mountain.
Attachment 29912

The mine loads were put into these structures and thus into the waiting bins of the Narrow guage.
Attachment 29913

Lots of work was done to keep the constant 6% grade.
Attachment 29914

Attachment 29915


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 07:42 PM

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Attachment 29916

Lots of mining activity in the area.
Attachment 29917

Spotted this open shaft. Though didnt go in.
Attachment 29918

Attachment 29919

Another of the loading structures. More later.
Attachment 29920

2nd switchback.
Attachment 29921


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 07:46 PM

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It was a great hike thruogh the forest:cool:.
Attachment 29922

Attachment 29923

Attachment 29924

Some great stone work along the line.
Attachment 29925

My dad for scale.
Attachment 29926

Attachment 29927


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 07:52 PM

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Looking down on the Georgetown Loop.
Attachment 29928

I-70 views.
Attachment 29929

All that's left of Pavilion Point. You can access this by vehicle via Argentine Pass. At one of the switchbacks that gets you on the narrow guage route, a road heads to the right, taking you here.
Attachment 29930

Attachment 29931

Looking East.
Attachment 29932

I-70 far below. Kept an eye out for Cruisers:hill:.
Attachment 29933


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 07:57 PM

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Some of the Rock Slide controll work, above Georgetown. About half way up the mountain.
Attachment 29934

Lots of mining activity on Republican Mountain, above Silver Plume.
Attachment 29935

Attachment 29936

We had a continous view of the Georgetown Loop.
Attachment 29937

Attachment 29938

Attachment 29939


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 08:01 PM

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Attachment 29940

Heading back down.
Attachment 29941

Attachment 29942

Attachment 29943

At first I thought maybe a ventilation pipe, but then noticed the steal tie down next to it....
Attachment 29944

A fall time trip is being ponderd.
Attachment 29945


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 08:06 PM

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Attachment 29946

Attachment 29947

Attachment 29948

We spent some time at one of the structures we passed earlier.
Attachment 29949

Attachment 29950

You can see this structure from I-70.
Attachment 29951


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 08:09 PM

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Attachment 29952

Attachment 29953

Attachment 29954

Attachment 29955

Attachment 29956

Attachment 29957


bh4rnnr 07-28-2012 08:11 PM

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Attachment 29958

Attachment 29959

Attachment 29960

Attachment 29961

Attachment 29962

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