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azcromntic 07-30-2012 06:33 PM

Undercooked Ham
Well, I knew enough to pass the test and I have a 2m radio and appropriate antenna. All I need to know now is how to use it. HA!

Is there any reading material you all would suggest?

nakman 07-30-2012 09:51 PM

start here? http://www.risingsun4x4club.org/foru...ead.php?t=7032

dr350jja 07-31-2012 12:14 AM

Like your thread title :D Congrats on the license :thumb:

daveIT 08-01-2012 10:23 AM


Congrats! I just listened for awhile to get a hang of the way people talked on the repeaters before I dived in.

Dave / WALE

Fishy 08-01-2012 10:42 AM

Congrats! I did the same as ^^.

Although after the first few weeks, I pretty much just listen to the repeaters now. A) I don't really have much to say. B) I talk on a radio all day long. C) Some of the chat is very technical and waaay over my head.

Once you do dive in, people are very friendly and helpful. Don't be nervous to ask questions.... it's a great community to be a part of. There are some very knowledgable folks on here too. :thumb:

azcromntic 08-01-2012 12:32 PM

I try to listen when I am driving. I've only ever transmitted my call sign so far to indicate I'm listening. Mostly I am in the city so I suspect I won't hear anything. I have a mobile radio in my vehicle that can do up to 75W. I usually have it set on 10W. I have it mounted under the radio and it is the "heat sink" type body so due to not knowing how much I can use without overheating the radio I set it lower power. I'm pretty sure I don't need to up the power to receive signal, correct?

I don't usually hear anything and when scanning I don't usually get anything to lock on. Every now and then I'll hear or it will lock on to "garbage".

I tried to key in some repeater frequencies and listen however I must not have my radio set up correctly; I get nothing.

I doubt my radio is set up correctly for listening on repeaters from the factory. What settings should I check?

Almost forgot: KDSFT

I like to think of that as "Special Forces Transport" refering to my 80 series.

nakman 08-01-2012 12:40 PM

Your ability to hear is independent of your ability to transmit... so yes, changing transmit power won't change that. How is your squelch- I like to be just right of the verge between static and silence, that way I am most open to inbound transmissions. And I wouldn't worry about heat too much unless you get really long winded, you won't generate excess heat just listening, nor would you on brief transmits.

As for listening to the repeaters, again you should be able to hear them if you dial in the right frequency, the tones & other settings are again only for transmitting.

Maybe you & DaveIT need to set up a geek night to test some stuff out... :)

azcromntic 08-07-2012 06:03 PM

I took a road trip recently and messed with the squelch. I had it turned about half way. I turned it down.

About the only thing I heard was CW.

I tried listening on the "5-2" but nothing was there.

I'm going to try and make some of the Pike Peak ARRL club meetings; just to see if I can hear them.

Anyone read the ARRL Operating Manual? Maybe it is titled operator's manual; not sure. Is it worth reading?

azcromntic 08-21-2012 10:10 PM

I finally heard some traffic here in town last sunday. So at least I know the antenna is working. I'll have to go check but I believe it was146.440. They were giving instructions on taking down information and then once they had a certain number of messages recorded they would relay them in bunches so they didnt tie up the channels.

Anyone here a member of the ARRL? How would membership help an innexperienced operator?

CardinalFJ60 08-22-2012 10:12 AM

I'm a member of ARRL mostly so I can help support the hobby and read about stuff in the QST magazine that I barely understand. :hill:

It is helpful, all joking aside. especially to get familiar with terminology, contesting, QRP, and to wet your appetite to get your General. :thumb:

Check out www.w0cra.org (Colorado Repeater Association). they have a Csprgs repeater that I beleive is linked to the Denver repeaters. if you dial that into your radio, there's a good chance you'll hear more traffic. it's also good to practice setting freqs/memories/tones, etc.

Also...program in the Colorado Connection repeaters...also linked, but close to statewide. Again...more chance for traffic there.

Both of those repeaters have check-ins on a regular basis. I participated in those for a while - it's cool to listen, check in, get the lingo down, etc.

I started to google 'colorado repeaters' and came up with a ton of clubs and repeaters for both 2m/440, programed them into the radio. (rocky mtn. radio league, CRA, etc) I'm guilty of scanning repeaters to to listen to what's out there on my way home. I'll typically hear someone, somewhere.

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