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SteveH 08-26-2012 06:38 PM

3rd gen Xfer output flange wear
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I have a '98 4Runner with 185K miles. 5 speed, v6, stock. I noticed a part-throttle vibration (transitional vibration between power on and power off - felt like a bad u-joint) about 10K miles ago.

I found that the rear transfer case output flange nut was loose. I tightened and restaked it, and all was well. 10K miles later, it was loose again.

This time I noticed that the splines are worn to the point where you can rotate the flange (rotational play) while on mounted the shaft. What I cannot determine is if the shaft in the xfer case is worn, or if it's the flange, or both.

Tightening the nut doesn't really solve the problem (long term). Has anyone seen this before? I presume when you slide on the flange, it should have zero rotational play, right?

See attached pix - the xfer output shaft seems to show wear on the splines (this'd be the expensive part).


Thanks - Steve

nakman 08-27-2012 10:33 AM

So you restaked the nut... was it in the same spot? Or a different spot? Or did you use a new nut?

I've always been told to use a new one every time, but if the old nut indexed differently the second time maybe that tells you something... :confused:

ScaldedDog 08-27-2012 10:58 AM

I'm of no help, Steve, but if you decide to put a 30-spline output shaft in, I have a flange for you.


SteveH 08-27-2012 11:32 AM

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

When I first re-tightened the nut, I reused the same nut, as I was able to turn in enough to restake it in a new area. It's possible that the transfer case bearings are starting to fail such that the nut got loose. Obviously, the spline wear also happened along the way.

Because the splines are not tapered, there is no way to really ensure a tight spline fit, so any looseness immediately tears up the splines. I would argue these splines should be tapered, but they likely exceeded Toyota's expected design life.

I'm investigating a used xfer case, as a new one is $3100 from Toyota, and the shafts are either $800 or $200, and would require a teardown of the case.

If anyone has a low-miles (ish) xfer case compatible with a 5 speed '98 4Runner, I'm interested.


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