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Some guy named Joe 08-28-2012 01:29 AM

oil pressure weird problem
Ok, guys, I've ghosted around here for years- finally so screwed up with a problem that I need bigger brains.
No matter what I do, I can't seem to get oil pressure.

truck is 88 2wd with 22r. 185k miles. Had it less than a year.
Puffed a timing chain.
Turned out that I bent some valves.
One thing and another I've been working on this for a while.
I got it all back together.
Fired it up and cant seem to get oil pressure. Nothing in the filter- seems like only incidental oil on top of the head. Scared to run it too long for fear of burning the bearings.
Got a new oil pump. got everything properly torqued.
no joy.
got nervous about this, so pulled pan to see if pickup blocked- nope.
pulled timing chain cover to see if I missed something- nope. put it all back together- no joy.
Scared to run it for long- maybe 30 seconds at a go.
Serious beer or favors to whoever can help me work through this one.

Thanks in advance


DaveInDenver 08-28-2012 07:40 AM

So you have run it a few times since reassembling it? Just not for extended periods. When I rebuilt my engine I cranked it for a while until oil started oozing onto the valvetrain before the first real start. I'd used copious amounts of assembly lube...

BTW, I packed the gears of my oil pump with petroleum jelly to make sure it primed. It's possible that the problem is just that there's too much air, the oil pump does not work well moving air and so if it's completely dry it can't suck up enough oil or is air locked.

The oil flow in the 22R goes:

pump or relief valve
filter or bypass valve
splits between tensioner/crankshaft/head

With the filter being dry, it's got to be the pickup or pump.

If you know you do not have oil pressure I'd check that the relief valve on the pump is assembled and working right. If the pump was made wrong and the spring was not put in or the plunger is hung up, the pump would just be circulating oil right back into the pan. The relief valve is the big bolt on the top of the pump with a brass washer under it.

Other things to check.

Did you replace the gasket on the pickup when you bolted it to the block?

That you put the pump drive gear in right, the splines should be towards the seal, e.g. the smooth part backward as you install it. Make sure the woodward key in the crank did not fall out or is broken.

Do not trust the gauge necessarily. Also don't worry about trying to use a sealant on the sender threads. I thought I was doing good by wrapping them in teflon tape and freaked out when I had no oil pressure. I had a duh moment when I realized the sender grounds through the threads, it's a one wire sender. For this test I'd actually pull out the sender and replace it with a mechanical gauge.

rover67 08-28-2012 10:57 AM

sometimes oil pumps are hard to prime....

you can try pouring oil backwards into it somehow. not sure exactly how the 22re is laid out in terms of oil lines/drillings but if you can find a way to "back fill" the pump it can help a lot.

maybe you can somehow suck oil through the pump by applying a vacuum to where the filter mounts?

Either way I bet it is just not priming like dave said.

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