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RyanR 09-20-2012 03:29 PM

October 13-14 - Dual Sport Ride - Glenwood Springs

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to drop this or if I should post it up in the 4x4 Trip planning thread but I figured it would reach a more focused audience here! I am planning a little weekend dual sport ride and have a couple other guys from the Bookcliff Cruisers joining in so I thought I would extend the invitation to Rising Sun as well. This isn't a club sanctioned event, just a few guys going out to have some fun.

The plan is to meet up in Glenwood Springs on the morning of the 13th. We will ride from Glenwood up to 4-Mile Park where we will hit the dirt. We will connect a few Forest Service roads over to Electric Mountain Lodge and eventually drop into Paonia. From there we will take 133 to Kebler Pass and explore some of the FS roads and trails up on the pass. If everyone is feeling like calling it a day we may camp at the Lost Lake campground on Kebler Pass. If we've got daylight to burn and everyone is feeling strong we'll continue on to Crested Butte. Sunday we will probably do some riding around Taylor Park before heading back. If it's not snowed in we will probably return through Paradise Basin and Schofield Pass down to Marble and take 133 to Dry Park road and back into Glenwood Springs.

As you can tell from the paragraph above the plan is rather vague, and that is intentional. We are likely going to have a broad variety of bikes and skill levels and I want everyone to have a good time so trail selection and routes will be modified as needed to suit the group.

A plated/street legal bike is required as we will be connecting a few sections on pavement and County Roads as well as popping into towns for fuel and food. The longest section between gas stations will be Glenwood to Paonia at about 80 miles so make sure you have adequate range and/or bring extra fuel.

If you have any questions post them up here, I'll update this thread as we get closer with the exact meeting time and location.


jonharis 09-20-2012 03:42 PM

Confirmed! :cheers:

RyanR 09-28-2012 10:52 AM

Pre-Ride Report
So I decided to take a mental health day yesterday and played hooky. What better way to spend my day off than pre-riding the first leg of the trip! Here's a few photos to whet your appetite and give you and idea of what this trip is about.

Sunlight Mountain, I'll be skiing here soon enough.

Fall is in Full Effect

First time riding the CRF with a street bike helmet, the difference in noise level vs. my dirtbike helmet is huge. It made for a very quiet relaxing fall ride.

Obligatory Poser Shot

I ran into some fellow outdoor enthusiasts

I had some dark clouds threatening all afternoon, but never got a drop.

Glad I left the house.

I even found some excellent single track in my wanderings.

Even at the highest point in the ride the temp was still quite comfortable.

I took a crack at moving this tree, said F#&% it and rode over it.

This turned out to be one of my favorite rides ever. Perfect temp. Perfect Scenery. And this layer of leaves with some tacky mud below was a complete hoot to ride on. Slick enough to slide the bike around, but a whack of the throttle would dig through the leaves and you had all the traction you could want. It was highly addicting!

After you get over 4-Mile and Baylor the roads open up a bit and the speeds increase.

Excuse the weird stitching my panorama app is a bit off at times.

The scenery changes, but it's still not too shabby.

About 2.5 hours in and I'm almost to the lodge, I can taste that beer already!

Ahh! A nice refreshing BlueMoon, my sports drink of choice for adventure motorcycling.

Dining area at the Lodge. I scanned the menu and created a .pdf, there were a couple other people eating and the food looked excellent! I was starving but I needed to hit the road or I would be doing a lot of riding in the dark.

Hit Paonia and headed back up 133 towards McClure Pass. I had to stop and clean my faceshield so I snapped a quick photo in front of this big-ass silo.

Near the top of McClure Pass: I may have passed a few slow moving tourists on the way up and one lady from Arkansas felt the need to stop and inform me that I had been exceeding the speed limit. She cut her lecture short and sped off when she realized I was taking a leak next to my bike.

It's all downhill from here... I rode a couple miles down the dirt rode that starts at the summit. Some great scenery and camp sites, I need to go back and explore this area some more.

After exploring the summit for a while I cruised down 133 past Marble, Redstone and coasted into Carbondale on fumes. Put 4.3 gallons into my 4.0 gallon tank and slabbed it home on Highway 82. I can't wait to do this ride again in a couple weeks!

Combining this ride with Kebler Pass and some exploring in that area is going to be a beastly day. At this juncture I would like to motion for grabbing a hotel in Crested Butte on Saturday night. Getting home to a hot shower and a hot meal was the perfect end to a great day of riding.

Caribou Sandstorm 09-28-2012 01:51 PM

Killer report, thanks for posting up. I need to get my priorities realigned and buy a motorcycle.

RyanR 09-28-2012 04:20 PM

Hey Chris, you should definitely get a motorcycle. I find a little time alone in my helmet is the best therapy around. It looks like you guys have an active group of riders down there too. If you ever pick up a bike and find yourself up near Glenwood give me a shout, I am always down to go for a ride.

jonharis 10-10-2012 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by RyanR (Post 219327)
I find a little time alone in my helmet is the best therapy around.

Amen to that brotha!

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