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baja1d 10-27-2012 01:25 PM

The year of the radiator!
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This year has been the year of radiators for the 80. Original stock radiator lasted 18 years before the top cap split a seam. In my efforts to save money I purchased a used radiator off of Mud. PO stated that he had purchased the radiator 6 months prior to his 80 being total from a rear-end accident. The radiator did match the description when it showed up but I believe it may have been damaged during shipping. Note to self, have the seller put some shipping insurance on the package if the thing is slightly fragile. At any rate, this new used radiator got me through a Moab trip with some serious wheeling put split a seam the morning of our first freeze!!!

Thanks to the guys at Quality Auto Repair in Aurora I was able to get this Copper Cored radiator brand new for $302 out the door. Hopefully this is the last radiator I will ever have to deal with regarding the 80!!!

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