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Gerdo 11-06-2012 04:40 PM

Crawl box on a 4runner
I know Jaderunner has a crawl box on his 4runner. Anyone else have one?
I'm thinking about adding one to mine.
Mentally I have the install worked out.
Were there any things that you hadn't thought about till it came up during the install?
Anything that you learned that would ease the install?

Cheeseman 11-07-2012 03:34 PM

Put mine in the '85 runner long time ago. Marlins dual cases. Marlins directions were spot on. Had to figure out how to place the second shift lever hole behind the original hole in the floorboard but not a big deal. I used All Pros X member for dual cases which fit pretty well. Had to open up a couple of the mounting holes a little.

The one thing that takes time is understanding your new gear sets and which to choose at any given time. But when that is in your head. You'll be just fine.

AxleIke 11-07-2012 04:38 PM

Greg, I think he meant on a third gen runner, which isn't that different than with an 85 in terms of install, but a bit.

Ya, putting them into my first gen was easy. On my third gen, it would be a bit harder due to the extra crossmember. Yoder has a nice set up, but he did lose a cup holder. Not sure how big a deal that would be for you.

I'd PM Jaderunner for 3rd gen specific questions, he has a 2000 too.

Lots of us on here have put them into earlier trucks if you have more generic questions.

For me, the only advice I have is plan it out so you can have a little down time of the vehicle, get everything in, and then be prepared to make adjustments to the rear axle pinion angle to dial out driveline noise. On first gens, this is both a pinion adjustment and a CV rear shaft. The 3rd gens already have a CV rear shaft, so the pinion angle would be all i'd be worried about. Adjustable upper links would be a very easy way to adjust this if you need to.

Again, that isn't saying you WILL have to do that, just that you MIGHT. Only thing I wish i'd known about on my install before I did it.

JadeRunner 11-07-2012 04:58 PM

I can't remember if I responded to you before or not on this. Probably have. But here it is again.

Oleg installed mine. I received my Tacoma Crawler adapter from from Marlin already mated with a tcase. We had to shorten the rear drive shaft. Work out the shifter\console setup. Mine pokes up through one of 2 cup holders. The most work I believe was in building a custom cross member to facilitate the case. Then a custom skid plate is needed.

I have the standard 2.28 with 5.56 gears in the diffs and it has worked great for over 5 years. You will love it.

L43dean 11-08-2012 12:56 PM

Go Slow Now! (Marlin is your friend)
Anything that you learned that would ease the install?[/quote]

A 14mm and 17mm swivel socket. A 20" extension to use WITH your 12" or 5" 3/8" extension. I needed these to R&R the gear box'es in both my pickups. I bolted up my transmission and dual case all together in one piece outside the rig. Then slid it all in. I used the tools above to get to the top bell housing bolts. I also needed four arms. Call a bud. Have fun too!

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