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hendrix1 11-10-2012 04:30 PM

4.5in suspension lift
What size tires will I be able to fit under my 86' pickup once I put a 4.5in suspension lift on? What else will I need to look at doing with the bigger tires, changing out gears, drive shafts, ect?

AxleIke 11-10-2012 05:26 PM

35's to 37's. Easy. 39-40's with some trimming.

I ran 35's on my 87 4runner with no lift, and trimming the fenders and firewall a bit. But honestly, I didn't have to trim much.

You will certainly like driving the truck a lot better with gears. But, which gears you get will depend on what size tire you want to run.

Driveshafts may or may not need to be modified. It will depend on what your brand of lift recommends. If it doesn't recommend modifying the shafts, or says nothing, give it a try without modification, and then have them lengthened or shortened as needed if a problem arises.

I ran 4.88's with 35's and a 22re, and it was pretty good. 5.29's would have been nicer on the hills, but the 4.88's cruised pretty well on the flats and downs, so it was a trade off.

The larger tire you put on, the more stress you put on the steering and axle shafts. If you have any issues, I have a LOT of experience with the IFS on those trucks, and I can point you to places you can upgrade, or things you can do to strengthen parts, if you need.

Squishy! 11-10-2012 06:30 PM

On my 88 w/ IFS I ran a 1" body lift and cranked the torsional and fit 35" tires. It was a pretty tight fit though. I'm about 6" lift now and could clear 38". Aaaand I run 5.29s with 35's

AxleIke 11-11-2012 01:23 PM

Justin, is that 6" of lift on your red truck?

It takes more lift with a live front axle than with IFS because the IFS doesn't move at all. You can fit a larger tire with less lift, like you did on your 88 with IFS, because the tire really isn't going to move much up into the fender. You have a lot more flex on the SAS, and thus the tire is going to move more into the fender.

Obviously, this is all dependent on bumpstops and springs, and all that, but as a generality, it holds.

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