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Telly 03-13-2013 08:34 AM

Tahoe...am I crazy?
I've excepted another job and will have to give up my company Tacoma. Can't afford another one :mad: and I trying to avoid a car payment. I was thinking a late 90's 4runner but the CFO said she wants a third row. I'd love to pick-up a 03 plus 100 series but thats way too much $$ now. Now I'm looking at early 2000's Tahoe's. I've driven several and they ride very nice and have exceptable power (the 5.3 vortec engine is very tough). Price seems to be very reasonable too. Tahoe's MPG is not too bad...15-19mpg.

Might be a dumb question here but should I hold out for a 100 series (any year) or pick up a well equiped Tahoe for $7,000-$9,000?

Anyone else have experience with second generation Tahoe's? Doug

Corbet 03-13-2013 08:50 AM

No your crazy, you can definitely find a nicer used Tahoe at that price than any similar Toyota. But have you considered a Sequoia? Probably find a early 2000's in that price range. Or if your not going to wheel it get a mini-van. They are cheap used, get better MFG.

Telly 03-13-2013 09:20 AM

Minivan? My wife will not buy a minivan...her words, not mine.

SteveH 03-13-2013 09:26 AM

My buddy has a 2000 Tahoe and I drove it to Moab and towed my camper. Roomy, squishy seats (fairly comfortable), but the half-ton chassis and drivetrain was pretty sad. The steering was vague and uncommunicative and the brakes took seemingly 3 seconds to engage after you hit the pedal. It felt more stone-age that the '72 Ford Country Sedan on which I learned to drive. Like an GM vehicle, it has needed new ball joints, door hinge parts, a transmission, starters and ignition switch parts, a new plastic intake manifold (they warp and leak) and a moderate slew of repair parts. Not a total lemon, but I wouldn't want to own one from 100K-200K miles. Gas mileage is decent for the size of the rig. Maybe if you buy a very low-miles rig, you'd be ok?

How about a 4th gen 4Runner with the 3rd seat? That'd seem to be the best of several worlds, as far as fuel economy. If you frequently use the 3rd seat, then not so good, I'd think.

smslavin 03-13-2013 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by Corbet (Post 228952)
But have you considered a Sequoia?

this is what we did. got an '03. took awhile to find it but all 4 of the princesses are really happy with it. highly recommend going that route.

Fishy 03-13-2013 10:37 AM

I had a 2003 Tahoe Z71(offroad version). I bought it brand new in late 02' when GM was just starting their 0% interest loans. I was able to order it just the way I wanted. I absolutely LOVED it. Never any trouble besides some minor issues once I got over the 140k mark.

It was my fishing/camping/hunting truck until 2009. I lived in NY and PA at the time. Took it offroad plenty. Pulled a drift boat, hauled canoes and kayaks on the roof (the rear bar of the roof rack is on rollers, set one end of the canoe on the rack and roll it right up), drove it to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and back to Pennsylvania 5 times. I had the older style GY Wranglers and the truck was fantastic in the snow. Better than the 100 even.

I had the 2nd row bench instead of the captains chairs and 3rd row seats. The second row folds down completely flat and out of the way which gave my dog full access to the back windows, and gave me plenty of room to sleep back there. Not that its a huge deal, but the heated seats are the best I've sat in. The heated portion goes way up your back, so nice when you've been fishing in the cold and wet all day. I sold it for a 2006 4Runner in 2009. It had 161k on it. I put every single mile on it myself.

Look, I love my 100. But, if I had to choose something else and I couldn't afford a 200, I'd buy another Tahoe. I drove a 2008 Z71 (the newer version) and I really liked that too. Just my .02, but clearly I had a great experience with my Tahoe. I'd recommend the Z71 version.

bgoodheart 03-13-2013 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by smslavin (Post 228957)
this is what we did. got an '03. took awhile to find it but all 4 of the princesses are really happy with it. highly recommend going that route.

Second the Sequoia. We also have an '03. Mama and the kids love it. Mileage is around 17 with most of her driving around Conifer. Lots of room and absolutely zero maintenance issues so far (it's at 127K).

Beater 03-13-2013 11:48 AM

i had a 2007 silverado extra cab - which is essentially the same chassis. I have nothing negative to say about them. I was very pleasently surprised. The toyota used markets premium is pretty high.

corsair23 03-13-2013 01:26 PM

I had a '99 Durango that I loved...Crappy gas mileage in the city but that 5.9L 360 was fun :D - Very few issues with it but then again we sold it in 2007 with under 75K miles on it and bought another 80. 3rd row was useable for kids, not so much for adults.

IMO if you are looking for something that you'll have for another 10 years then it is hard to beat Toyota reliability and the price reflects that. Nothing is for sure...You might find a Tahoe for $5K less than something comparable in the Toyota lineup and come out ahead or you might end up spending the $5K or more in maintenance. Nothing guarantees that whatever Toyota you might end up with won't have issues either though.

Sequoias though seem to be popular and the few people I know that own them as well as the folks on here indicate they are pretty bomb proof. 2007 and down is the old body style so that is where I would look. Anything with Land Cruiser in the name seems to come at a premium IMO so I wouldn't even bother unless you have to have one which you don't seem to...

If having a 3rd row seat is an absolute requirement then start there and list out all SUVs that came with a 3rd row and start whittling down the list based on what you find out there price wise. Do Honda Pilots come with 3rd row seats?

Telly 03-13-2013 01:52 PM

I looked at the Honda Pilots, they have a really cool fold away third row thats hidden when down. I can't go wrong with a Honda but I'm looking for something more rugged to pull our pop-up and trailers full of $hit.

I'm liking the Sequoia idea. I told the boss last night that we should just buck-up and get a loan for a nicer vehicle. I'm not talking crazy new car prices but something in the 10-12K range. That would buy a very nice Sequoia with around 100K miles. You just can't go wrong with a Yota.

Here is the biggest kicker in this whole vehicle swap...I'm going to be driving my wifes 93 Accord to work from here on out. Image me rolling onto construction job sites with this ride. F it...I'll be getting 30mpg and will drive the 40 every now and then to keep me happy.


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