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Telly 05-24-2013 09:24 AM

Power Steering Install Complete
Bought the JT Outfitters mini truck power steering kit a few weeks ago. The install was straight forward but I did need to mod the two brackets a fair amount with a grinder for clearance reasons. The remanfactured saginaw pump was defective (leaked) and JTO sent me a new one a week later. Bought a mini steering box from SteveH (thanks Steve!). I also had a mystery exhaust leak and SteveH suggested I replace the gasket between the exhaust manifold and EGR downpipe while I had easy access. Fixed my leak!

I've been driving the rig for a few days and like other have said before, this is a must do mod. Driving the rig is so much more enjoyable. I'm on the fence with recommending the JTO kit. It works great but the fit was not Slee quality. With all parts/supplies involved, I spent about $575 bucks. So worth it.

I'll post a couple pics this weekend.

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