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mikeyhcrana 06-14-2013 11:07 PM

Making a fleet
...I wish

but really, my 89 starting to knock real bad and registration expiring. Yota Yard quoted me $1700 for a remanufactered engine. I found used for $800. My 89 is real rusty too.

I found an 85 listed on CL for $2000. Ended up at $1700, same price as rebuilt engine unless i did it myself. This one is sooo nice and clean compared to the 89. it has 155,000 miles. The PO had it since 96, and had the engine rebuilt in 06. Its been in the garage mostly since then cause the driver window regulator was stripped and wouldnt roll up. It didnt charge, and no front brakes. No rust, well a little, but none compared to the 89. Automatic though.

I swapped the OE battery harness in, it charges. Brake pads are new, bleed the front brakes, they work great. New window regulator and belt moulding already too from pull n pay.

Im swapping the winch over. And Im parting out the 89. I want the transmission, transfer case, complete rear axle & suspension, harness, ecm, clutch pedals, doors, hood, and fenders. I need money too though, and thats all the best stuff so, I cant keep it all. Does any body need a 22re builder? Or anything else? First come first serve.


J Kimmel 06-15-2013 12:15 AM

I need a hood and a ps fender :)

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