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Caribou Sandstorm 06-27-2013 10:24 AM

Favorite Summer passes
I wondered when Red Cone was going to open and Wes shared a website with me that has most if not all Colorado passes listed, I think.


Looks like the Mile Hi Jeep Club is going to clear Rec Cone this weekend for a July 1 opening. I always enjoy doing this pass in the summer.

I was also thinking of doing some different ones locally to Denver during the July 4th break.

Does anyone have recommendations or favorites that may or may not be open yet that I can consider this summer?

J Kimmel 06-27-2013 11:02 AM

italian creek

all favorites :)

subzali 06-27-2013 11:51 AM

Still haven't done Williams Pass, but hope to this August :)

Also need to do Hayden Pass sometime.

Hancock and Tomichi are always fun.

Black Bear, Engineer, Cinnamon and Imogene are classics.

Caribou Sandstorm 06-27-2013 03:24 PM

What about Hagerman?

Jacket 06-27-2013 06:07 PM

It's pretty boring from a driving perspective (Subaru grade), but the views to the east from the top are pretty great, and then you can cruise along the Fryingpan for 20 miles and enjoy the river.

The ones Kimmel suggested are tops on my list, but it takes more time and energy to get to them.

I like Weston as another easy but scenic pass close by. The west side has great views of Elbert and Massive, and it's fun to let your passenger bomb down on a mountain bike.

pramjockey 06-27-2013 06:07 PM

Ptarmigan looped with McCalister Gulch:


Love this set of trails. Beautiful view of Mt. Holy Cross, great trip up a river bed. Overall, a lot of fun.

Will be doing this one in the next couple of weeks.

J Kimmel 06-27-2013 06:29 PM

I like Hagerman a lot, been over it a bunch of times. Some great fishing at Ivanhoe Lake and Rambo I is just around the corner (that's the campsite that just like the movie, no matter how many times you've been there its still awesome)

Its not always about the difficulty :)

Beachboy 06-27-2013 09:27 PM

A nice loop that I like is Webster Pass then over Georgia Pass. But since I lived in Breckenridge for years, I enjoyed everything aound Montezuma, Santa Fe Peak trail, Deer Creek trail, Radical Hil, Saint John and Glacier Mountain, Middle Fork and North Fork of the Swan ( great steep section), Glacier Peak trail (S.O.B. hill). Plus there is alot of history on the trails.

Crash 06-27-2013 10:06 PM

Really glad that I was able to drive French Pass for a few years until it was closed by the USFS in 1976, maybe 1977. It was the first trail I ever saw gated off and a precursor of things to come. The 2007 Gazetteer doesn't even show it as a trail anymore. Screw up the trail by not staying on it and it will be closed. :( Eccles Pass is still shown in the same Gazetteer, although not named, but it was legal before Eagles Nest Wilderness Area came into being in 1978. Visual images of it, and the friends and the trucks they were driving when we were on it, are still strong in my memory. In a sense, it's good to be old as these trails were, and are, wildly beautiful and stock size tires were enough to do them - in a Cruiser. Not an FJ, but a Cruiser.

EDIT: I just googled eccles pass and the second thing listed on the first website you are directed to was, wait for it, T-SHIRTS!!! (big sigh) I'm going to post a picture of what Breckenridge looked like when I first got there in 1973 and you won't recognize it. To quote Fred Sanford: "Elizabeth....Elizabeth...I'm coming to join ya"

J Kimmel 06-28-2013 09:08 AM

Steve if you have old photos like that please please please post them!

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